Banned in Saudia Arabia, this is a blistering look at Arab and American hypocrisy following the discovery of oil in a poor oasis community. It was the opening sentence of John Updike’s review of Saudi dissident Abdelrahman Munif’s novel Cities of Salt in the New Yorker October 17, As the. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data. Muruf, ‘Abd al-Rabman. [ Mudun al-milh. English]. Cities of salt: a novel/ Abdelrahman Munif; translated from.

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The company refused to pay any retribution and detained Hajem and his uncle. His political activity while a student there, as a member of the mnif Arab Ba’ath party, cost him his residence and education in Baghdad. The Arabs and bedouins who go to work constructing the new housing for themselves and the Americans, and the oil pipeline, are portrayed as essentially Stone Age.

The Myth of Sisyphus Albert Camus. This is quite long, not a narrative in the Western sense we are used to, and throughout it all, nothing really happens. An old woman adul son has left with a caravan several years earlier and helplessly waits for his return, now having lost her home, dies of grief.

Thus Mouran sees a page in its history tour and began to wait. Realism will feature the works of the majority of these writers. Finally, American company’s arbitrary laying off of workers become ciies last straw.

Had they come to stay? Master Harold and the Boys Athol Fugard.

Abdelrahman Munif and the Uses of Oil – Words Without Borders

On the other hand, the presence of the West in the region favored the outbreak of the modernization process as the capitalist development of theories that brings together government sectors and institutions.


This phrase is significant: Space and time can not exist in themselves but they exist in us. Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers: The novel has gradually emerged in the various Arab societies and following stages.

The text explores the rapid changes associated with an unnamed Bedouin society in a backwater of the Arabian peninsula after the state, in conjunction with an unnamed American corporation, pursues oil-based development of the region. Next year I will do better and try to get even closer to my goal, although as my husband pointed out if I met my goal it would mean I would be reading close to a book a week and with the 1, page monsters this challenge keeps throwing at me I am not sure I will keep up.

About Abdul Rahman Munif. It only repeats a Koranic verse: We can not know that our intuition. Most novelists of this period are intellectual elite from the middle class. This is after the Second World War that the Arab novel writing is very elaborate.

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This geographical conscience allows the Emir to define its horizon: A major transformation that has occurred in Syria and Lebanon. For example, Saudi Arabia did abdl lift the ban on cinemas until recently.

Medicine essays Miscellaneous essays Psychology essays Cigies studies essays Science essays Sociology essays Essays menu. Citiee them into peripheral capitalist societies these companies to pre-capitalist character had their local self-sufficiency system broken and ended up in the circuit of colonial trade, reduced to markets for metropolitan production.

Workers also realized their powerlessness after the irresponsible and sloppy settlement of the death of Mizban. Ok, this book is growing on me for its ability to point out differences between a communal society and an individualistic society.

Abdul-Rahman Mounif

This cross comes a new temporality which requires rethinking concepts such as linearity of history, subjectivity, by including the issue of female subject in modernization, action etc. It has been great to see the world from different perspectives across the world.


That happened in D. We are introduced to Miteb and his wife and children, who will disappear as other cha Tragic, poignant, boring, interminable. Essay UK – http: When the offer to the Emir, he said:.

Desert of darkness This speaks volume of the governmental system which, through a war machine formed by the Americans was strengthened on strong foundations. Return to Book Page. That knowledge took him as far as writing a novel in the early s, The Race Of Long Distances, on “the ambitions of western powers in Iranian oil after the defeat of Mosadaq revolution” in Iran in and the reinstatement of the Shah to the throne.

We cannot ignore the fact that the history of the Arab novel begins with the entry of the world into modernity. More time brings displacement, poverty, salaried menial labor, the concept of real estate, and fabulous varieties of opportunism and tragedy.

But according Godzich, the ratio of knowledge to its object is not the same whether it is in the order of intelligible or sensible agenda: This novel uses all previous Arab discourse and agency for purposes both aesthetic and ideological.

Paperbackpages. The formation of an imagined community in Cities of Salt”. Perhaps would not you like to bet there?

Dec 06, Miranda rated it it was ok. People and the environmental components are inseparable. The reaction of the Emir face at the mnif image of women shows that this space is invested by desire; this is somehow a violation of personal space.