CoA “ABR Navy Technical Regulations Manual”, Commonwealth of Australia, Director of Technical Regulations – Navy, See ABR Volume 2 Section 5 Chapter 2 Annexes A&B for risk and engineering authority levels. Endorsement indicates that technical risk has been . 1. ASC Engineering Management Plan, and subsidiary processes. 2. Judgement of Significance (ABR). 3. Take 5. Key Behavioral Competencies Required.

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A non-destructive pressure applied to a hose or hose assembly to determine reliability under normal working pressure. A hose shall not have a rated working pressure that is less than the design pressure of the portion of the system aabr which it is to be installed.

Testing and Replacement of Flexible Piping Devices

For example, a hose manufactured in the second quarter ofdenoted as 2Q04 at repetitive intervals on the layline, has a shelf life that ends on the 30th September It is emphasised that the shelf and service life requirements imposed by this directive apply only to wbr rubber hoses used in critical applications. Any cut, nick or abrasion that removes one half of the cover thickness shall be cause for rejection. Page 10 of 16 Inspection of 4692 whilst subject to system pressure is desirable, but must be limited to those locations where personnel safety is not placed at unacceptable risk.

Ensure that pipe and hose assembly supports are intact and that there is no distortion or other damage and that all fasteners are tight.

This is acceptable but it is not a mandatory requirement and should not be demanded on Navy stores supplies. The strength member of the hose containing fabric, cord or wire reinforcement. The radius of a bent section of hose measured to the innermost surface of the curved portion.

Each flexible piping device is to have a traceable path to a quality endorsed manufacturer certifying both its quality and fitness for purpose in the application for which it is intended. The pressure at which rupture of the hose occurs. The Naval Technical Regulatory System. Class Maintenance 649, e. Visually examine the outer cover of joints for evidence of cracks.


Ensure that the hose has not been twisted and that it has not bunched or blistered on the inside of the ab at the nipple edge. Ensure that abe pressure ratings of the hose end fittings and the hoses are comparable. All hyperbaric hoses, regardless of working pressure, shall be approved and have objective quality evidence including traceability, cleaning iaw reference C and identification tags iaw paragraph The pressure which exists in a system or sub-system when performing its normal function in which a hose or hose assembly may be installed.

In these instances, any planned maintenance qbr and testing that is normally applicable to that item should be conducted prior to the item being put into service and the baseline for the planned maintenance periodicity should be set at that date. The prototype hose assembly that is subjected to a qualifying pressure that is higher than the proof pressure is not to be used as a working hose assembly.

Do not try to dislodge marine growth in seawater hoses as this may damage the hose. Page 15 of 16 Rubber Expansion Joints — Inspections From the above maximum life of rubber hoses in critical systems is 16 years.

ADFLMs have a responsibility to ensure that an appropriate certification plan is put in place to ensure items meet procurement specification. The objection to painting hoses is that it not only hides the condition of the outer cover during examination but a build up of paint layers will slowly destroy the noise attenuating properties of the hose.

Releasing officers are to note that they are accepting, on behalf of the Commonwealth, the technical risk associated with the TM Sbr raised spot on the surface, cover or tube, indicating a separation between the layers usually forming a void or air pocket in the vulcanised article.

Page 16 of 16 Point of contact: Hyperbaric hoses shall be labelled with the identification listed below. Tags for hoses other than hyperbaric shall be 0. The wearing away by friction. For small diameter joints this inspection will require the removal of the joint from the system. Sbr instances where it is considered inappropriate or unsafe to attach a metal tag to a hose assembly, eg very small hoses or hoses used on electrical equipment this requirement may be omitted provided some other form of hose identification, such as an inscribed ID, is used see para 16 below Page 11 of 16 Hose Installation The criticality is used only to determine the expected service life cycle of rubber flexible hose assemblies iaw Table 1.


Testing and Replacement of Flexible Piping Devices

Ensure that the hose end fitting threads qbr not been damaged. Changes in physical properties of rubber over a period of time due to long term exposure to heat, sunlight, ozone, moisture, etc. All other hyperbaric hoses shall be tested and cleaned iaw their approved configuration drawing requirements and 6942 Maintenance Schedules. However, for some hoses it represents the nominal ID and not the true ID. Working in Confined Spaces regulations, the Contractor shall provide. Evidence of fluid hammer or whipping as a result of peak pressure pulsations.

The hose shall not burst, leak or show signs of fitting separation or unusual signs of distortion during this time. The service life is determined by the criticality of the system in which it is installed. The strands of reinforcement spiral around the inner hose structure tube in both directions in addition to being 64922. When the hose is removed for scheduled maintenance testing the fire sleeve is to be removed and replaced with a new sleeve without dismantling the end fittings. Ahr working pressure — rated.

System with the release of ABR – the Navy.