Faslay Aisay B Hon Gay By Adeem Hashmi urdu poetry book. Click Below Read More Link For Downloading Books Book Title. Rekhta has the collection of shayari by Adeem Hashmi in Video. Enjoy Shayari on mobile, pc, or tablet in Video. profile of Adeem Hashmi. You can read more about profile on Rekhta’s profile page. It is an interesting form of poetry.

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Socio-Political Poems Majeed Amjad: Urdu Songs Manoj Muntashir: Indian Art Film Mrinal Sen: This created some controversies and conflicts amongst the political lines that sdeem were eagerly drawing on the map. Ghazals and Audio Gallery Javed Qureshi: Urdu Ghazals Shahryar Ghazals: He never surrendered the realist’s approach to Art and was always experimenting.

Poems about Art Majeed Amjad: Urdu Songs Sarmad Sehbai: Adeem Hashmi or Adeem Haschmi Urdu: Awards Adeem Hashmi wrote excellent and highly successful plays for Pakistan Television which got instant fame and attention like “Guest House” which ran longer than any other play on PTV.


Photo Gallery Julien Columeau: Ghazal Videos Nasir Kazmi: Kanwal Hussain Sana Fatima: Music Videos Saifuddin Saif: His ghazals stand out for their candour and directness and revealing the dark aspect of personal relationships.

Song Videos Ahmad Rahi: Urdu Hshmi Talat Afroze: Urdu Poems Munir Niazi: Urdu Songs Munir Niazi: Poems about Children Majeed Amjad: Urdu Poems Amjad Islam Amjad: Punjabi Poems Talat Afroze: Urdu Poems Talat Afroze: Romantic Poems Translated Majeed Amjad: Even though most poets of high esteem were sunk in romance and nature, his chose basic fundamentals of revolt and complimented that with personal confrontation as an analogy.

On Man and his Abode Majeed Amjad: Arguably the finest poet of his time Adeem was the most controversial writer in Urdu poetry in the 70’s and 90’s. Adeem also chose self exile and lived in the USA for many years. This was vooks sad loss for Urdu poetry lovers everywhere.


Songs Anand Bakhshi Songs: Video Gallery Punjabi Folk Songs: Home What’s New this month? But I still love you very much: All creative people in Pakistan were persecuted, harassed, threatened and many were also imprisoned Ahmad Faraz, the famous Urdu poet being one of them.

Urdu Poems Sarmad Sehbai: Audio Recordings Munir Niazi: Urdu Ghazals Talat Afroze: Nge Ye Kabhii Socha Modern Punjabi Novelist Fauzia Rafique: Punjabi Poems New Voices!!