Before I started reading Andrew Holleran’s Dancer from the Dance, I felt protective of it. Its reputation made me feel that it was my duty to read it. Buy Dancer from the Dance Reprint by Andrew Holleran (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible. Dancer from the Dance: A Novel [Andrew Holleran] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. One of the most important works of gay literature, this.

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PCP is scary shit, but the edgiest drug users have moved on to different scary shit, these days.

Being a Gay Man Who Is Free: Reflecting on ‘Dancer From the Dance’

I don’t imagine that I gained the same things reading this that someone who lived through this time period would or that the book’s original audience would, but that’s what makes a book that endures. If you really are serious about writing this kind of thing—and not merely telling a good story—then you have to understand that human life must have hope as well as sadness in order to feel real. With luxuriant, effortless prose Holleran takes us through the world of the gay circuit circa the s.

The freedom to exist openly, to find love, to define love as we see fit.


Thereafter, he becomes incredibly enamoured with a Puerto Rican man; however, their relationship sours and they become enemies. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. And drugs weren’t the only thing that was approached with abandon and zero sense of self-preservation.

The ending also didn’t thrill me even if it didn’t come as a surprise. Malone is simultaneously idol and cautionary tale. I’m wondering how different and how much the same things are in that life today.

Anthony Malone remains the beautiful gay man who is glamorous and tragic. It’s defiant and genuine, but if it shocks a few people along the way, well, that’s just an added bonus. The story places Malone and Sutherland in gay bars, at Fire Island dance parties, in the parks and tenements, and other places as they seek physical beauty.

Yet Dancer constantly conflates sex and love. And do you see why I had to leave?

Dialogue is smooth, believable and appropriate; the pacing is without flaw. Nov 23, John Rimbaud rated it liked it. One part fond recollection of those halcyon days of ludes and disco and no-consequence sex. It felt a little like a trip down memory lane and since I wasn’t there, I didn’t get all the inside comments. He built his life on that false view of love fro, was truly only lusting for a type over and over again.

Malone would have been at the clap clinic dozens of times he could have got a season ticket. Quotes from Dancer hollerann the D Lists with This Book.


I like the time and place of the book but I wanted more heart. They seemed truly free and hedonistic in their own world; and while it wasn’t always healthy, it was enviable in some small ways. Of course, this is a very view, one steeped in a political and social correctness that ebbs and flows with the dajce and presidents.

It was before the self-inflicted narcissism of cocaine. Sometimes characters are tracked closely using more traditional omniscient narrative techniques.

Dancer from the Dance

Brilliant; I feel like such an atypical and dissatisfied queer after this read. The 15 Most Stylish Queers of Fewer than 20 pages in we are told what kind of story this will be: From Manhattan’s Everard Baths and after-hours discos to Fire Island’s deserted parks and lavish orgies One of the most important works of gay sndrew, this haunting, brilliant novel is a seriocomic remembrance of things past — and still poignantly present.

The sanguine queen, here embodied by the droll Sutherland, and the hopeless romantic dnacer rentboy, Malone.

Not a good decision.