CORM The Black Knight of Arabel. Page 2. RPGA® Sanctioned Play. Most likely you ordered this adventure as part of an. RPGA event from the RPGA. Support our drive because it’s the right thing to do. But also, here’s a list of prizes for the biggest donors and the compiled list of what every participant receives in. A Dungeons & Dragons Living Forgotten Realms Adventure by kushrenada86 in Types > Creative Writing and d&d.

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After returning to the group, they decided to go see the mayor before checking out the theater.

CORM The Black Knight of Arabel | RPG Item | RPGGeek

The story gets a little convoluted the further in you get He revealed himself to be a normal human, long ago exiled from court. He told the group they could find all this evidence at a book store in town. Before the party could leave to head to the theater, they heard aarabel scream of a child outside. Otro thanked us for the assistance and offered us a ride to Arabel and to pay for some lodging in return.

As the party walked to Arabel, Otro told them about Dark Skull, the name the people of Arabel had for kngiht rider. Leucis being ever his charming self chatted Bruin up, mentioning they were there in the name of the King, and had slain many shadow creatures, and could handle this ghost problem. Towards the end of the combat, far in the distance, a dark rider with a skull face appeared on a hill watching us.


While he put up a good fight, the numbers were not in his favor and Jarl was slain.

DMAcademy submitted 3 months ago by LinkovitchChmofsky. The king thanked the party and rewarded them handsomely in turn. The party traveled to meet with Brewmaster Bruin. Please do not crosspost. Citing the lack of time, Knigbt said he could repair the obelisk in a few days.

The party quickly moved to engage the creatures, and combat ensued. Moving closer to Otro he cried out for assistance, as it was beginning to get dark, but before anything could be done, darkness fell, and shadow creatures appear in the distance.

A fiery fullblade, a talisman of battle, and a scroll.

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He thanked them for their efforts, and rewarded them with a flagon of his most precious stout, because none of his casks were harmed. Leucis took 50 additional gold. Catalog for user-created maps.

September 26, All monsters, all the time! Bruin had some skill with masonry, but had not had any time to deal with the obelisk due to some issues with ghosts in his basement. Within the cart three things were found beyond the masonry tools.


Along the road to the city the party came across a nervous fellow named Otro frantically trying to repair his the wheel of his horse drawn cart. Ascendant campaigns can view previous versions of their pages, see what has changed and who did itand even restore old versions. Assholes are banned for life. We think you’ll have a much more enjoyable experience. Before she knoght far, massive shadow creatures appeared and attacked. The roof of the bookstore had suffered a partial collapse, and rain was coming through the hole.


Stepping up to the altar at the far end of the theater was Jarl. Verris suffered a few minor wounds in the course, as he moved into range of his blades. After the obelisk was complete we met up with Orto and had our meal. Submit a new question.

I’m ready to Ascend! He revealed he knew all about the shadow attacks, but could not do anything about them, and suppressed all the evidence about them to save his job. Mika attempted to get more information from him, but in general just got the feeling he was a creepy bastard that was knkght something.