13 Steps to Mentalism by Corinda [CORINDA] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Tony Corinda is a writer, inventor, and teacher of. Library Genesis Use the link and you can download the book. Its MB I didn’t know if you were talking about the old one or new one,so I chose the pages. Corinda – Step 08 of 13 Steps To Mentalism – Two Person Telepathy (OCR) – 因为 can deal with some fifty to sixty people—which is more than enough as a rule. A. In spite of his youthful appearance, the gentleman is

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This cannot be confused with the number code as meaning “16” as such a number would be signalled by “ten, five and one”—a shorter route.

You must have a secret code between the two of you—to deal with emergencies. The code will exclude any obvious and unusual movements and will incorporate such finer moves as the well-timed flick of an eyelash.

I have talked with Doug Dyment on another forum about this subject, and his square sounds more flexible, but the AOTP method is so incredibly simple I love it.

In view of the fact that it is silent against the alternative verbal code—I would say it was better and probably involves a lot less hard work. Scroll a bit down to the English routines. It packs a real punch, literally flabbergasts an audience and is just right for large audiences. With a number o An absolutely fascinating book for everyone who wants to step inside the mentalism world.

Blindfolds and X-Ray Eyes – Blindfolds can turn ordinary stunts into incredible performances. A lot of the techniques described require a lot of practice but if you want to take your magic to the next level they are worth learning.


Download your magic to any 5, including our free iPad app.

The first factor, is best done by pre-arrangement; you both agree secretly who will mentaoism used for the test and when you come to offer the card, you go to the selected spectator. Pages with related products.

13 Steps to Mentalism

Mike Faur This is the kind of old book that will never be outdated. Mentaoism top of that, his pianist was a clever man who was able to play a popular selection from any composer chosen. You may also like: In other words, in the first example the first sentence signals W and the second signals A.

Repacking coribda sending to you. Go on, what kind of metal? Anyone who understands the basic principle of electrical work will tell you how to wire the bulbs to the push buttons and include the battery. Just one thing remains to be said; your slate has the list of names on it but such a list is visible only at very close quarters.

I have ordered from Rock Ridge Sales before and will continue to do so in the future. The pressure of the finger on the button is taken up by the palm of the hand on the outside of the jacket. Four tapes are fixed to the board so that it can be tied to nentalism back.

Customers who 15 this item also viewed. It’s got to be fast—almost too fast for the audience to keep up with it all. The use of the old telephone system involving masses of wire, terminal contacts in the floor and suchlike are obsolete—and outside of the home, there is practically nowhere that such apparatus could be used today. And i think most professional still use trick from this book for their shows. If such an announcement is made before the performer leaves the stage, practically everyone will have mentlaism ready before he arrives.


We keep our most popular products in stock in the UK so often this step is skipped. The lady’s name is JEAN. Additional links Vanishing Inc.

I enjoy this book a lot and is my favorite “magic” book I own.

The Stooge Signal System is one of the most powerful weapons for the two person routine. First she finds the person mentaljsm the card, next she names which pocket it is in and finally she names the card! When you go down into the audience, head for the main gangway and work to people who are within easy reach.

You just have to read it. The reason is simply that nearly all two person mental acts are performances which require a secret means of communication between two people.

The Magic Cafe Forums – Magic SquaresCorinda doesn’t make sense

Again each letter has a common name assigned to it and where there are corinca names beginning with the same letter, the second one in alphabetical order is signalled by coding two letters.

And, quite frankly, it did nothing to enhance your reputation in the magic or mentalism community. Don’t take that plot literally, it is not strong enough as an effect on its own—but is used just to illustrate the principle.