The Burnham System is the gold standard for CPCU study guide materials. Using our guide you will learn everything needed to pass the CPCU Exam. Access The Institutes’ Course Study Calculator for a more specific The CPCU online course and course guide now include video study aids that offer a. Study CPCU Insurance Operations 1st Edition Book, Review Notes & Course Guide discussion and chapter questions and find CPCU Insurance.

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In our experience this was especially 5220 in the Part B section where you will be required to calculate how much the reinsurer will pay for a loss or be required to determine the best reinsurance contract for an insurer given a specific scenario What you need to know: Email Format html text guidf. Taking Insurance Operations — The study guide is well formatted and easy to follow. Your name or email address: Efficiently support compliance efforts by recognizing how regulation affects core insurance operations.

Review of the CPCU Exam Format

What you need to know: CPCU is considered an intermediate course. Completing this course guidde earn you credit toward:. The clean outline format makes it easy to see how the details presented are related to each other.


You can still test on the 2nd edition book until December 15, Also really appreciate the formula guide. Do sttudy already have an account? Comparison of Insurance Customers Table: Confidently understand the bigger picture.

Example – Reinsurers provide insurance for primary insurers. We provide a convenient table that shows their main differences side-by-side, so you can easily compare and contrast them at a glance. Rebecca Perkins wrote a new wall post.

You must log in or sign up to reply here. Books and exam fees are not included in the cost of access to the class recordings.

Understand the impact of your business decisions by knowing how different functional areas operate and collaborate with each other.

Recordings: CPCU 520 – Insurance Operations

October 15 – December 15, These class recordings combined with textbook and course guide study will help guide you through the course and help you to prepare to take the CPCU exam at Prometric or gide an Onsite Testing Center.

To access over 20 hours of class recordings based on existing course materials, register to become a member of PrepAdemy by clicking the link above.

This will help you familiarize yourself with the CPCU question format and etudy you determine which topics you need to re-study. You will NOT be simply repeating a definition. All of the following statements are true in regards to reinsurers except? If you do not do the prep work prior to class, you will be lost. If you are joining the live weekly class, please make sure you read the first chapter, watch the lecture recording, and complete your course guide BEFORE class.


Each chapter recording is up to 2 hours of instruction. Makes far more sense of the material and helps to focus your attention to what is truly important.

You will be given a real life scenario; your job will be to select the best recommendation to solve the scenario. Yes, my password is: Register Lost your Password? Home About Us Contact Sitemap. Jason Levine wrote a new wall post. Most of these questions will give you a scenario in which you will need to choose the best distribution system given the characteristics of the customer and insurer What you need to know: Demonstrate your value to your organization. July 15 – September 15,