Language Teaching: A Scheme for Teacher Education Editors: C N Candlin and H G Widdowson Syllabus Design David Nunan Oxford University Press David Nunan is a greatly respected author in EFL circles, and it was with some suprise that I hit his “Syllabus Design” like a brick wall. Unlike some of his other. Syllabus Design has 77 ratings and 3 reviews. Andreas said: My weapon when I was in charged as Head of Research and Development at Centre for Language.

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Roya rated it ysllabus not like it Dec 30, In 3 and 4 we shall consider. Pienemann and Johnston use their speech-processing theory to explain the order in which grammatical items are acquired.

We shall explore in greater detail the relationship between syllabus design and methodology in 5. How might the information be used to modiy aspects of the syllabus?

Nunan 1 presents a ypology of activity types in which dificuly is determined by the cognitive and performance demands made upon the learner, i. It is often suggested that the designers njnan such syllabuses supposed that the language was of its nature entirely. In effect, what he: Return to Book Page.

The cliffs are over there Warning Be careful of the clifs! Referred by family doctor Pace: Real-world objective In a shop, supermarket, or department store, learners will ask for the price of a given item or items. In wh at order do you think these t as ks need to be carried out for a long d ist an ce call to be desigh ade su ccessfu lly?

I Do you believe that process and task-based syllabuses represent I legitimate approaches to syllabus design? It must also connect to modes of action which can be directed at developing this behaviour in learners. The aim of 7 is to familiarize you with the ways in which these different elements are conventionally treated.

The level of maturity of the learner, individual leaning strategies and previous learning experience may play important roles in optimal sequencing. The following category headings give some idea of the diversiry which is possible: Students have to circulate and ind members of their family. What about your husband? Log In Sign Up.


In the so-called ‘rational’ curriculum process Tyler 1objectives are speciied before content and activities because their principal role is to act as syplabus guide to the selection of the other elements in the curriculum. Hotels; public transpon; air tra’el: In 2, a distinction was drawn between ‘objective’ and ‘subjective’ inform ation.

The following lists of functions have been taken from the syllabus guide to English Today! In the content-based model. Today is also 1 Slturd3y. We have looked in particular at examples of needs syllabsu procedures and syllabus goals. Information in the learner’s home language where necessary can be provided in a number of forms.

Syllabus Design – David Nunan – Google Books

The Natural Approach is designed to develop basic personal communication skills – both oral and written. The statement should be so clear and precise that an independent observer could recognize such behaviour if he saw it.

It may we ll fo llow, but t his is not se lf-ev ident. While he felt that the third alternative was on the right track – in that it focused on student behaviour, he felt ayllabus the speciication was rather vague. Another might be to use the list of graded structures, not to determine the language to which learners are exposed, but to determine the items which will be the pedagogic focus in class.

Syllabus Design

What principles seem to have informed the selection and grading nunaj items? On the one hand, the teacher might make learners perform the terminal task repeatedly in class until they are dssign to perform it with the required degree of skill. When you have inished, you can check your answers against the table of contents in Task Students sight read the words on the grid. Despite appearances to the contrary, the content-based model is no more creative than the language-based model.


I I 3 Opinion-gap activi’, which involves identiying and articulating a personal preference, feeling, or attitude in response to a given situation.

Syllabus Design (Nunan) – Free Download PDF

We m u st fi n d o u r compartmenr. For exampl e, syllabks ertain ind ividuals, who ar e quit e comp et ent at ‘social ‘ or ‘su vival ‘ English, as d esc rib ed by Savid, ar e s eriously d isad vantag ed wh en th ey ha ve to us e Engl ish at school. RoUlntree 1 98 1: A ‘product’ objective for a course for motor mechanics might read as follows: The general aim of the section is to encourage readers to deepen their understanding of the teaching context in which they work.

In addition, as Hutchinson and Waters note: These need to be taught as memorized ‘formulae’ even though desjgn are well beyond the learner’s current stage of developme.

Syllabus Design (Nunan)

These are deined as the general communicative activities in which the learners will engage or, in the case of foreign language learning, could potentially engage in real-world target language use. We wish to emphasize how their integration fotmalizes the complex factors present in any teaching ptocess.

I don’t come from Newcastle Lesson s introduces adverbs of habit and thus the present simple tense; ninan rather, p: Situational, contextual, and extra-lingu istic factors which are used to a certain extent in the selection and grading of content for grammatical syllabuses become much more prominent and tend to complicate the issues of simplicity and dificul ty. It is also usually possible to identiy whether the syllabus designer has taken as his or her point of departure the language, the learner, or the learning process.