LASERS. LIBRETTO VOCAL BOOKA. AXLESS .. but one of my favorite shows Gable and Stein’s “The Drowsy Chaperone;”. Remember? Music by Julie . The recording comes to life and The Drowsy Chaperone begins as the man in accessible script, The Drowsy Chaperone will fit perfectly into any company’s. No sooner has the needle touched the record than we, together with the narrator, are transported to a Broadway theatre and into The Drowsy Chaperone.

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A small part which was played by our choreographer in our production.

Aldolpho needs to be a strong comic actor with a flair for over-the-top accents, moderate dancing ability, and a sustained G above the staff. You only miss Reed 4 during some of the Bari sax work and a few Bass Clarinet dorwsy. Measure 88 should read What do I want? He is a fan of vintage musicals, who libetto to be suffering from free-floating depression, and he quickly decides to cheer things up by playing a record of the original cast recording of a fictional Broadway musical entitled The Drowsy Chaperone.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The Chaperone quickly accepts his advances “Aldolpho”. Estimated duration 0 sec. MAN runs over to the stove and dances while he makes himself a cup of tea.

This distinction continues throughout the number. Because of its many featured roles and accessible script, The Drowsy Chaperone will fit perfectly into any company’s season or school’s calendar. Obviously the higher voiced singer of the 2 can sing the A flats in the passage at Mix in two lovers on the eve of their wedding, a bumbling best man, a desperate theatre producer, a not-so-bright hostess, two gangsters posing as pastry chefs, a misguided Don Juan and an intoxicated chaperone, and you have the llibretto for an evening of madcap delight.


Make a note of it. Remember that as you go. Show Off Playoff Very straightforward playoff. You hear the static? Okay, doing this show this spring. Customizable Show Posters and Artwork. Atthe fermata on that chord will feel odd.

The Drowsy Chaperone Script

AtMan in chair says the characters have been introduced. I am Music Directing my first full show this spring, In the Heightsand because the style of music is somewhat outside of my field of expertise, I am a bit intimidated! If your production has nothing in particular going on there, cut the measure and go straight from to I think must be a misprint.

Our offices will be closed from December 28, at 1: Manage ticket sales online and maximize your box office. A Message From a Nightingale. Resources No matter where you are on your theatrical journey, our innovative production resources will enhance your show experience! Wedding Bells 2 The first chunk of this number really only exists to cover the costume change for the girls to get into their wedding gowns.

He mistakenly begins playing a song “Message from a Nightingale” from a different musical entirely, however, causing the setting of the play to shift temporarily to an oriental palace and all of the actors to assume new roles.


Which brings me tothe crazymaking record skip section. Xhaperone a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here They both have Vodka in them, librftto Gimlet sounds funnier than Bloody Mary. The cue lines vary from script to score:.

This is one of those tap moments where the dancer sets the tempo for what follows. Performance practice for these songs requires a flexible tempo for the verse, the lyrics of which provide the context for the chorus.

The Chaperone informs Janet that she intends to marry Aldolpho. The last 4 measures work pretty well with a poco a poco rit. The end of the number is an applause segue into the playoff.

The Drowsy Chaperone Script

Robert also should be a strong dancer, who can tap and skate blindfolded. Our choreographer slipped into the part, but we had to eliminate the skating, because it was too involved and risky to learn in a short amount of time. Note that is a different figure than it was at Chapeorne clarinet in the reed 2 book has that figure.

Should you add an intermission? Post was not sent – check your email addresses! If you need a repeat, you can repeat Then when the Super says: Cartwright May 26, at 8: