Dear students here we provide notes for Anna university 5th sem Subject EC TRANSMISSION LINES AND WAVEGUIDES Lecture Notes pdf. you can . ec transmission lines and waveguides notesANNA UNIVERSITY ECE 5TH SEMESTERDETAILS: SUBJECT NAME: transmission lines. Imp Ec – Transmission Lines and Waveguides – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

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The parameters of a transmission wvaeguides are: So for an infinite line, the input impedance is equivalent to the characteristic impedance. Why the point of voltage minimum is measured rather than voltage maximum? Define Characteristic impedance Characteristic impedance is the impedance measured at the sending end of the line. The range of values of standing wave ratio is theoretically 1 to infinity. The input impendence of eighth wave line terminated in a pure resistance Rr.

What are the applications of cavity resonators?

ECQB TLW | jayapradeepa S –

What is cut-off wavelength? What is a smooth line? What is called standing wave ratio?

Explain about different type of TL? What are nodes and antinodes on a line? If the transmission is not terminated in its characteristic impedance ,then there will be two waves traveling along the line which gives rise to standing waves having fixed maxima and fixed minima. Derive the expression for the resonant frequency of the semi circular cavity waveguives For coaxial lines it trqnsmission necessary to use a length of line in which a longitudinal slot, one half wavelength or more long has been cut.


The internal inductance is zero. So, transmission line resonator is not used as liness resonator Explain why TM01 and TM10 modes in a rectangular waveguide do not exist.

Why is a quarter wave line called as impendence inverter? Log In Sign Up. What are the applications of the quarter—wave line?

EC2305 Transmission Lines and Wave guides QUESTION PAPER

The point of a voltage minimum is measured rather than a voltage maximum because it is usually possible to determine the exact point of minimum voltage with greater accuracy. What are the two independent measurements that must be made to find the location wavegiudes length of the stub. A finite line is a line having a finite length on the line.

What is delay distortion?

Hence TM01 and TM10 modes in a rectangular waveguide do not exist. Why is TM01 mode preferred to the TE01 mode in a circular waveguide? Why are rectangular wave-guides preferred over circular wave-guides? What is a finite line? Its application is to connect load to a source where they cannot be made adjacent. What are standing waves?

The root values for the TM modes are: Give the formula to calculate the length of ec205 short circuited stub.

An application of the short circuited quarter wave line is an insulator to support an open wire line or the center conductor of a coaxial line.


Transverse magnetic TM wave is a wave in which the magnetic field strength H is entirely fc2305. What is the dominant mode for TM waves in a circular waveguide Transmiasion dominant mode for TM waves in a circular waveguide is the TM01 because it nad the lowest root value of 2. TE10 and TM10 How is the circle diagram useful to find the input impendence of short and open circuited lines?

What is resonant frequency of microwave resonator? Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. What is the dominant mode for the rectangular waveguide?

Obtain the general solution of Transmission line? What is Impedance matching? Why Double stub matching is preferred over single stub matching. Determine the solution of electric and magnetic fields of TE waves guided along rectangular wave — guides?

What is continuous loading? Derive the expression for input impedance of lossless line? The ratio of the maximum to transmissuon magnitudes of current or voltage on a transmisslon having standing wave is called the standing-wave ratio S. Which mode in a circular waveguide has attenuation effect decreasing with increase in frequency? TEM wave is a special type of TM wave in which an electric field E along the direction of propagation is also zero.