This brief guide explores content strategy’s roots, and quickly and expertly demonstrates not only how it’s The Elements of Content Strategy. By Erin Kissane. BACK IN THE WEB’S Pleistocene period, I received an e-mail from a young content strategist. “Excuse me,” she wrote, “but there is a. About the Author: Erin Kissane is an editor for Contents magazine and Source, a community site for journalists who code. She was previously a.

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Judging from Kissane’s writing it really flows well and is logically structuredI imagine her own standards for content are high.

That wasn’t one of the three options. An Amalgamate Profession Xtrategy, Kissane breaks down the job of the content strategist into 4 separate professions: This book is approachable, but short examination about how to get started doing content strategy. Aug 30, Jonathan Elliman rated it it was ok.

Book Review: Elements of Content Strategy, by Erin Kissane | I’d Rather Be Writing

You get a bunch of ideas that don’t coalesce as well as they should. If you search for flements strategy jobs in Utahthere aren’t any. Aug 11, Grant Baker rated it really liked it. Other books in the series.


May 11, Tore rated it it was ok Shelves: Sadly, this is absent, at least in any real way from this book as elemnts. Last week I had a discussion with a colleague about this issue. I was thinking is giving it 3 stars because I didn’t really get the feeling of learning much.

The Elements of Content Strategy

Few project managers and stakeholders seem to realize this. This overview of content strategy is a must for anyone about to tackle the job of writing for the web. If you’re in the arena or want to get a better understanding of those who operat I always have trouble with these sorts of books.

Want to Read saving…. This ended up overwhelming him, since many stakeholders and other project managers frequently underestimate the cost and effort involved in content creation.

The Elements of Content Strategy – O’Reilly Media

If you dontent a chance to read her book, definitely do it. And, like all the best books, it’s given me a whole list of other things to read and dig into.

And each has plenty to teach us.

It’s better than most books I’ve read on the subject, but it also suffers the same fate. White’s handbook on The Elements of Style, which is also a brief book. Some areas like ongoing content ass First chapter is excellent. It really takes a long time to produce content. Kissane lists a bucketful of possible deliverables kisssne content strategist creates: Apr 11, Donovan Conntent rated it really liked it.


I love Erin’s humor and straightforward style.

But a curator, in truth, balances the job of an administrator and an artist. I’m a designer first and a content strategist second or strateggy third or fourthand I found Kissane’s writing clear, compelling, and useful. Jun 17, Dana rated it really liked it.

I could really do much more content strategy, but at the end of the day, I’m the chief content creator for my little online stewardships. What about liberal arts majors in tje Content strategy is a discipline that stems from a family of fields including marketing, editorial, and curation, and requires analytical, organizational, and creative skills to successfully execute. Kissane walks through how content strategy is a fairly new discipline, but it was borne out of several families, including editorial, which is about getting the story right, and being concise and accurate.

Part of the confusion about roles no doubt stems from the newness of content strategy as its own discipline.