G.A.R Proforma for Service Tax Payments. For payments from April onwards. (Receipt & Payment Rules 26). Full Name. Complete Address. Telephone. Indicate appropriate type of duty and 8 digit. Reduced accounting code of the product/. Commodity). Description of 8-digit accounting. Duty code. Amount. Click on E-PAYMENT Online Procedure for Payment of GAR 7 – ; Click on please click here Online Procedure for Payment of GAR 7 –

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Profiteering – manufacture and supply of consumer goods comprising of What is the objective of tax audit? Validity of attachment order – failure to discharge its GST liabilitie Business Finance and investment banking Communication skills Financial and valuation modeling Basics of finance Banking credit analysis process Finance for all executives Finance management ratio analysis Bank loan for business Accounting is easy Advanced finance Finance Modeling in finance.

Fundamentals of Accounting syllabus Paper 3: Already have an gae Introduction to this web site. This will ensure that the bank is not collecting and accounting indirect tax revenue for a Commissionerate for which it is not authorized.


Name and Address of the assessee. If acknowledgement is lost or misplaced, you can approach the concerned bank branch to issue a certificate of payment particulars including CIN. Don’t have an account? Can BL date and let export date be same day? E-payment made upto 8 p. The Amount and particulars of remittance as per the challan tallies with the details recorded in the counterfoil.



As per rule 26 of the Central Government Account Receipts and Payments Rules, subject to as otherwise provided in these rules or unless the Government direct otherwise in relation to any particular class of transactions, any person or party paying money into the bank on Government account under the provisions of rule 19 shall present with it challan in duplicate, triplicate or quadruplicate as specified by chalan concerned Ministry or Department in Xhallan GAR 7 showing distinctly the nature of the payment, the department or office on whose account it is made, particulars gqr the concerned Pay and Accounts Office, proper account classification of the credit, and where necessary, information relating to its allocation between Government Department concerned Thanks.

Before accepting payments, it should be ensured that the tax payer has filled in all the columns provided in the Challan particularly the information which is mandatory ie. The validation is mandatory and only successful entrants will be allowed to proceed further.

Duties on Textile 22 Cess on Tobacco 6 Addl.

Online Procedure for Payment of GAR 7

In case this has not been allotted, mention acrordingly gat the column provided for the Assessee Code. Mention correct PAN based code number so that the amount credited will be debited to assessee’s name correctly failing which it will gat debited to sundry assessees.


Indirect Taxation syllabus Paper I want to know, What is tax expenditure in the context of direct and indirect taxes? What are the consequences of rising direct tax to the economy as a whole? Who gets benefits from this website? The Receiving Bank Branch Stamp should contain the following: Strategic Performance Management and Business Valuation.

How to minimize import cargo clearance time? Goods and Service Tax.

Full Form of GAR-7 Challan – Excise Forum

Write your answer here. Please see instructions overleaf. Use separate challan for payment of different taxes.

Clandestine manufacture and removal – The case of revenue is that sinc What is the form of registration for CIMA. Learning from judgment of Madras High Court in case of M.

Input tax credit should be allowed for motor car to all when used in f