About Genesys. Genesys is the world’s leading provider of customer service and contact center software—with more than 4, customers in 80 countries. The Genesys Voice Platform (GVP) provides a standards-based VoiceXML platform that provides enterprises and call centers with the latest support for b. Genesys Voice Platform (GVP) is a standards-based software platform that enables businesses to manage inbound and outbound customer interactions 24×7.

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Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories Website: Read complete details here. Configuration Server Message Server Databases: Full integration with Genesys Management Framework including Genesys Administrator and Genesys Administrator Extended, a web-based management and configuration console.

For full information about supported operating systems, databases, browsers, and virtualization platforms, refer to the GVP page of the Genesys Supported Operating Environment Reference Guide. Support for installing and configuring multiple instances of the same component with the Genesys Administrator Installation Wizard.

Genesys releases contact center suite version 7. Backend filtering no longer removes the call record from a report when you use an IVR profile or Tenant or component in the filter. Identification and tracking of active loudest speaker in video conferences by using MSML.

Genesys and the Genesys logo are registered trademarks of Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc. Use the option [mpc] mediamgr. The dtmf bargein option allows DTMF-only bargein when both speech and DTMF grammars are active, to allow more robust voice user interfaces in noisy environments.


The jboss integration module contains some LGPL code. The Media Control Platform supports mp3 compression at 8 kbps for mono recording. Genesys Administrator GA 8.

Resource selection and call rejection, based on MRCPv1 speech resource and availability. Learn about integrating GVP 8. Genesyys for Transferred call state has been added.

Resource Manager now supports requests to control the destination for recordings. Support for DTMF recognition using third party speech engine resources. Supports JRE Version 8. This product includes software developed by DOM4J. Additional policy control, including access to codecs, video, and media server resources.

Genesys Voice Platform (GVP)

April 18, This release does not include any new feature. Now you can configure the duration of the MP3 recording buffer.

Support for SIP static routing. A memory growth issue discovered in Resource Manager 8. This product contains software developed by Squid-Cache.

Genesys Voice Platform (GVP) – VoiceXML

Control of ASR Session release. Genesys Voice Platform 8. The Gold Grnesys Certification provides a framework for Genesys partners to manage Genesys Voice Platform competency and quality and be recognized for technical expertise and a superior record of customer service.

Support for ‘Active’ and ‘Passive’ genessy, allowing additional HA configurations. Click on your product for details on included third-party software. Genesys Voice Platform is part of 9. Please see the product manager. Two new configuration options are now available that allows MCP to perform health check on the media threads.


This behavior also applies to accessing the SSG root page. Refer to the 8. Advanced media processing capabilities, including conferencing and video. You can update the database with different carrier messages at any time, without stopping Media Control Platform.

Set to true to enable access to the uploaded recording file, and to false the default to disable access.

Documentation:GVP:GDG:ARCHx – Genesys Documentation

Configure the MCP configuration parameter [fm]. The legacy codec continues to be available and is set as the default option. Versions that GVP is compatible with: Legal Legal Notices General Disclaimer. Some new VoicePrint Configuration Options support this functionality. Support for ASR session release. Separate Sellable Items with NR This product contains software developed by the Apache Software Foundation http: