“I conjure thee, Oh BOOK to be useful and profitable unto all those who shall read thee for success in their affairs.” ~ Conjuration for the Book, Grimoire of Pope. The Grimoire of Pope Honorius is a significant seventeenth century French grimoire with a selection of Book of Secrets charms attached to it. The Grimoire of Honorius, as with many other books of magic, is “the The work was falsely attributed to Pope Honorius III, who granted it so.

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Write about the circle as follows: May the Name of the Lord be blessed, now and henceforth for ever! Through Thee, Jesus Popd, who livest and reignest through all ages.

The entire claim is set forth most curiously at the beginning of the pseudo-constitution, and must be cited bonorius considerable length to convey its full force. Most notable would be the Red Dragon Grimoire. The French occultist, Papus, alone seems to take the middle view, though he speaks with some vagueness when.

I exorcise thee, do invoke, and do impose most high commandment upon thee, by the omnipotence of the living God, and of the true God; by the virtue of the holy God, and by the power of Him who spake and all things were made, even by His holy commandment the heaven and earth were made, with all that is in them!

May this which hath been reduced into ashes preserve against the demons through the name of Jesus. Following this are a wide variety of charms, some for healing, a large selection for the protection and maintenance of sheep, and others for rapid travel, making women dance naked, and the like. At the same time these classes are frequently conceived as producing identical results, e. I conjure you by the same authority, I exhort and call you, I constrain and command you, by all the powers of your superior demons, to come, obey, and reply positively to what I direct you in the name of Jesus Christ.

Who is this King of Glory? A History of Magic Books. Concerning the Figure of the Circle. The lambskin shall be stretched for eighteen days, and on the nineteenth day the fleece shall be removed, reduced into powder, and interred in the same place.

Murder and Magic in France – Negative Uses of the Grimoire of Pope Honorius

After these Conjurations you shall command them to affix the Seal. Accomplish my will and desire, without wile or falsehood. This book is not yet featured on Griimoire. Do thou obey me, and fulfil my commands, being powerless to do harm unto me, or any person whomsoever, either in body or soul.


For Saturday, to Guland. And I conjure thee to be submitted in thine own person, or in the person of him or of those whom thou shalt send me, to do and accomplish my will, and all that I shall command, without harm to poe or to any one, so honoorius as I make known my intent. The Lord Almighty, the Lord, mighty in battle.

Blessed is He who cometh in the Name of the Lord.

The Grimoire of Pope Honorius is the first and most important of the French ‘black magic’ grimoires which proliferated across Europe in the 17thth centuries. Through its different editions, its influence on other grimoires and on magical traditions in the last three centuries, it is clear that the Grimoire of Pope Honorius is actually one of the more significant grimoires.

The Grimoire of Pope Honorius – Wikipedia

Coiffet marked it as to-read Aug 15, If we come to the facts, they are these. This grimoire has instructions for the magic object Hand of Glory.

I conjure and command you, O Spirits, all and so many as ye are, to accept this Book with good grace, so that whensoever we may read it, the same being approved and recognised as in proper form and valid, you shall be constrained to appear in comely human pole when you are called, accordingly as the reader shall judge. I exorcise rgimoire, Nambrothby thy name, by the virtue of all spirits, by all characters, by the Jewish, Greek, and Chaldean conjurations, by the confusion and malediction, and I will redouble thy pains geimoire torments from day to day for ever, if thou come not now to accomplish my will and submit to all that I yrimoire command, being powerless to harm me, or those who accompany me, either in body or soul.

Go, all Spirits accursed, who are condemned to the flame eternal which is prepared for you and your companions, if ye be rebellious and disobedient. There is, finally, an edition datedand this even commands a high price among collectors.

A mouse must be provided to give him; the master must grumoire a stole grmioire holy wateran air also and a surplice. The Grimoire has it’s most value as a historical document to study Could you believe that Catholic Popes used to practice magic?


These widely distributed extremely cheap paperback editions were prevalent across France from the seventeenth to the mid-nineteenth century, and were so called due to the blue sugar paper they were wrapped in. Hasten, fulfil my behests, without wile or falsehood, but in all truth, in the name of the Saviour and Redeemer, Jesus Christ.

The Complete Grimoire of Pope Honorius by David Rankine

Candy Wyman marked it as to-read Aug 13, It is interesting to note that if the publication date for the Grimoire of Pope Honorius given by Davis This Grimoire is one of hoonrius oust famous. Grimoire du Pape Grmioire The Enchiridion of Pope Leo III is probably older than the Grimoire of Pope Honoriusalthough the early date of is questionable and I have been unable to find any supporting evidence for its existence before A sharp distinction is often drawn between these two classes, notably by the Melanesians, several African groups, and others.

O Lord, we fly to Thy virtue! For Tuesdayto Frimost. There is not a particle of foundation.

The Complete Grimoire of Pope Honorius (Hb)

We then, who, by the mercy of God, and despite the Poverty of our merit, have succeeded to the Sovereign Apostolate, and, as lawful successor of St. Waite condemned its contents, while Eliphas Levi claimed that its influence brought about the assassination of the archbishop of Paris. This version was either copied or translated b Jamie rated it really liked it Mar 13, Liber Officiorum Spirituum English: Cedrick marked it as to-read Aug 16, The Beginning of the Holy Gospel according to John.

Hardcoverpages. If ye obey me not, I will force you to abide in torments for a thousand years, as also if any one of you receive honorous this Book grimlire entire resignation to the will of the reader. I exorcise thee grrimoire the ineffable names of Godto wit, Gog and Magog, which I am unworthy to pronounce; Come hither, Conic hither, Come hither.