GURPS Low-Tech and GURPS Low-Tech Companion 2: Weapons and Warriors deliver GURPS Low-Tech: Instant Armor offers defenses against both these. Most (12+ pages) of the PDF is taken up almost completely by armor tables expanding on Chapter 6 in GURPS Low-Tech. In that work, rules. GURPS Low-Tech is a sourcebook for the GURPS tabletop roleplaying Fans may want to download GURPS Low-Tech: Instant Armor, an expansion with.

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Ironmongery: GURPS Armor in a Low-Tech Style

Some aarmor that stems from the fact that there are just so darned many options to choose from. Surf our site armro the files you want. A greathelm is designed to go over another plate helm, and is the sole exception to the rule. Handy summaries that let you quickly determine the options available at your TL, how they affect cost, and how they adjust the stats in the armor tables. Warehouse 23 offers worldbooks, supplements, and adventures, in physical and digital formats, for GURPS — as well as many of our other game lines.

Let your GM do the heavy lifting. The Best Defense Every low-tech fighter and every gamer! Vehicle stats for early naval vessels, from penteconters to frigates.

It also presents a number of optional rules that increase the realism at isntant expense of making things difficult for your players and adding to the bookkeeping associated with these armors. Jason Packer January 22, at 7: The Art Of War The master warrior doesn’t simply snatch up his sword and hurl himself into battle.


The complete bibliography is online, with links to every referenced book, movie, etc. Written by William H.

These can make a very light armor light layered cloth or leather, for example a bit more durable while maintaining flexibility. Instant Armor offers defenses against both these annoyances and battlefield dangers.

GCA Repository

Use the rules as presented to come up with some kit that works in a holistic way. Instant Armor is for qrmor Weapons and Warriors deliver handsomely in that department. Weapons and Warriors has additional rules and information on low-tech arms and armor, plus guidelines for TL fortresses and military transportation. Rules for customizing and resizing melee weapons, shields, and armor to suit almost any purpose. Low-Tech starts with the basics that suit any setting.

Gaps, Chinks and Openings. The master warrior doesn’t simply snatch up his sword and hurl himself into battle. A favorite of mine is reinforcing textiles and leather. He adapts his tools to his goals, knows his weaknesses as well as his strengths, and leads his allies to victory.

GURPS Low-Tech

GURPS Low-Tech covers the basic tools used by historical adventurers from the Stone Age to the Age of Sail — and still used by modern survivalists and post-apocalypse survivors when the high-tech toys fail. So the starting point is for the GM to come up with some armor that makes sense for his world.


Layering on more than half of any arm or leg the shin, or the knee and thigh; the shoulder, upper gur;s and wrmor, or the forearm are the standard divisions is similarly binding — thus the prevalence of vambraces for the forearm and greaves for the armoe in historical armor. So, what are some of the things that people seem to have the most trouble with?

Shipping will resume January 2nd, A look at everything from hasty ditches to walled cities.

Materials and Modifications Tables. A concise rundown of how fighting evolved from the days of stone axes to the era of pike, shot, and cannon. Answers to a variety of questions, from “How much does it cost to armor only my vitals? LT is very thorough when it comes to possible materials for armor to be manufactured from.

Every piece of armor comes with DR, cost, and weight, as well as the realistic time needed to don it and a Holdout penalty that accounts for DR, flexibility, and design.

Weapons and Warriors W23! And started a full third of them. The benefits of layering added DR are quickly met with drawbacks.