The long-awaited new audiobook from Greg Egan! Hugo Award-winning author Egan returns to the field with Incandescence, a new novel of hard SF. The long-awaited new novel from Greg Egan! Hugo Award-winning author Egan returns to the field with Incandescence, a new novel of hard SF. The Amalgam. Nov 12, Six years after his last novel, Egan returns with an extraordinary work of ultra- hard sci-fi – a breathtaking, if sometimes knotty, thought.

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The other narrative observes an alien species in an environment egaj different than our own discovering fundamental physics on their own terms under the threat of environmental disaster. I am very much a fan of Greg Egan’s hard scifi. My disagreement with this review grew too long for a comment, so I’ve posted it on my website instead.

I skim read, blanked out, and totally forgot things as I went along The ark that Rakesh finds is happily orbiting a neutron star, just like it is supposed to. Jun 28, Gendou rated it really liked it Shelves: Egan’s own suggestion on his website that you were writing in bad faith seems a bit petulant; you could hardly have flagged your real objection to his book – its scienciness – more clearly.

Posts primarily about TV shows, movies, or short films will be removedeven adaptations. Incandescence is posthuman to a very literal degree.

The Amalgam is my favorite SF universe so I’ll give it a go!

Roi’s society is changing as more of her people become compelled by the anomolous scientific research that’s growing. The ripe seed packets secreted a substance that the males found extremely unpleasant, and whilst unplucked globes did shrivel up and die eventually, waiting for that to happen could be an ordeal.


I called those the boring chapters. What if there are creatures as large in relation to us as we are in relation to atoms? I think those tedious parts come from two questionable decisions on Egan’s part.

I must say that you got one thing spot-on: It seems for the whole book that they will eventually meet up, as one would expect from this sort of narrative convention, but guess what?

I keep reading there’s something extra that smart readers are supposed to figure out. The characters and plot were good too, although probably secondary to the exposition of science.

Incandescence (novel) – Wikipedia

I did have a bit of a problem with the ending The appendices to The Lord of the Rings convey much more incandescfnce in a much more efficient manner than The Lord of the Rings does itself. Yet, the galactic civilization is almost a throwaway in this tale. Much like DiasporaIncandescence is more of a fictional treatise on esoteric ideas than it is a novel. Then, just like Rakesh, Parantham and Zey had a choice to make and decided to not wake up the other inhabitants of the ark forcefully, the Aloof too likely didn’t incanescence up all the civilization and this is why arks still exist at the time of Parantham’s quest into the center of the galaxy if I remember correctly this is also why the Aloof call Parantham in the first place, they delegate the decision of whether to wake the inhabitants of the ark to him.


Incanddscence of impending catastrophe to their home worlds, aliens who have a very different physiology from us, but implausibly similar emotional lives, figure out whole fields of physics from scratch in one generation.


Egan takes us on a great ride, but there is no free T-shirt at the end of it. While that’s unusual in fiction, it’s not what most of the book is about.

If it’s worth posting, it’s worth posting as a self-post with context. Egan works on a large scale: That means that the story of Parantham and Rakesh takes place millions of years after that of Zak and Roi! I didn’t think the relationship between the two threads was too subtle. There are characters and plot, such as the narrator whose excitement about studying these aliens can be shared by an empathetic reader, but inczndescence really enjoy this book you probably incansescence to care about and understand our own math and science well enough to enjoy watching the same ideas be rediscovered by aliens in alternative ways.

I’ve found this book a bit dry, lacking in “drama”, conflict or suspense. There’s a little sex but there’s no romance not in the forefront anywayvery little conflict and as far as I can remember no fighting whatsoever in the book. Then again, many reviewers simply didn’t understand the plot. Jun 26, Caroline rated it it was amazing. Science Fiction, Fantasy, Alt. People on Earth in the 21st century have worries like whether they’ll be sextorted — we haven’t had to face the imminent doom of the planet.