Kithbook has 45 ratings and 2 reviews. Broken Dreams Undiscovered TreasuresAlthough nocker creations are highly prized among the kingdoms of the Kit. They have an affinity with the Prop realm. Changeling-the-Dreaming-KithBook( Nockers). Silver hair is very common among this Kith, though other colours do. Although nocker creations are highly prized among the kingdoms of the Kithain, most changelings bear little love for these dour and foul-mouthed tinkers.

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Tom Piddock rated it liked it Jun 25, The difficulty can range from a 5 for simple, familiar problems to as high as 10 a complex machine that’s really acting up.

Dagazwind rated kithbookk liked it Jan 03, Your mouth spews forth a never-ending torrent of obscenities. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. If it was minor, you are only on probation; the Bes Din may eventually reinstate your license pending good behaviour and special services on your part. The Apocalypse Storyteller Wraith: This book is a supplement for the kithbookk Many a balky engine block has been frightened into working properly by a Nocker simply growling at it.

Eric Crabtree rated it really liked it Jul 27, Corbin rated it liked it Nov 16, Timothy Pitkin rated it really liked it Oct 23, You may be working off your debt currently. Amazon Kindle 0 editions. You are completely blind in any surroundings brighter than firelight, though you can see if you wear extremely dark glasses.


This merit also reduces the difficulties of all mining rolls by two. At their best, they can be annoying, and their worst, outright nasty.

This will come very handy when I play Changolin. Elliott rated it it was amazing Jan 19, On Boggans – Heh!

Kithbook: Nockers by Christopher Howard | LibraryThing

Your eyes are luminous saucers in your fae mien. Mark Stone rated it it was amazing Aug 27, You can see in absolute darkness as though it was daylight; you suffer no vision penalties under such conditions.

They can always see ways for things to work better, but they can never quite achieve their ideals. No matter how much you tell the goblins to furk off, they just laugh and want to hand with you all the more. Yet, those who are willing to do so discover that underneath nocker the hurumphing is a soul as passionate as a satyr’s and a heart as stout as a troll’s.

Kithbook: Nockers

They deserve what they get: Still, most of their anger is hot air, and they can make powerful, loyal allies with a gift for crafting weapons and armour. Kithboook serves as a constant frustration to the artisan who’s crafted it.

Please select a support frequency. Eric kihtbook it liked it Nov 29, This difficulty is lowered by one if you wear dark glasses. Laws of the Hunt Revised Storyteller. Other books in the series. Close relationships tend to be rare and require quite a bit of patience from both sides.


Return to Book Page. I found the information and options provided to be particularly useful, and practically essential to fill the gaps in kiithbook standard chimera-forging system. Members Reviews Popularity Average rating Mentions 58 13.

I don’t take advice from someone who smells as bad as you do!

Abby Estes rated it really liked it Aug 23, No Web Links Found. The Dreaming second edition ; however, not only are you immune to iron, but your chimerical works are similarly resistant.

So brusque is nocker personality that few take the time to get to know them. Though their origins are vague, in today’s society they are both valued and detested. Lists with This Book. Unseelie solve this with more nockkers Seelie deconstruct moern devices into classical components. The Dreaming by Chris Howard. It provides additional information and options for nockere the nocker kith species of fairy. The player and the Storyteller should decide together what the character did and how serious the infraction was.

Nockers by Christopher Howard Series: On the bright side, almost everyone else leaves you alone.