EDUCATION, INDIAN EDUCATION, KOTHARI COMMISSION REPORT ON INDIAN EDUCATION. Education Commission or Kothari Commission Report entitled- Education and National Development 17members in which 5. The unique features of the Education Commission () were: In its report the commission expressed its firm belief that education is the most powerful.

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One of the tasks before the group was to standardize the public and private sector compensation packages and also to design a machinery reprot continuous on-job training of the teachers.


The group had ten women, S. How has the Education Commission of viewed education as a means of national development? 196466 this commission was not to limit its enquiry to specific sectors or aspects of education, but to have a comprehensive review of the Entire Educational System. According to the Indian culture a child receives his first physical birth from the parents and the second birth of the hands of the teacher.

Naik, Paul Neurath, S. Balakrishnan secretary worked on the extra curricular ambience and activities of the education.

The first public external examination should come at the end of the first 10 years of schooling. Nanavatty and Shesh Namle as members. Degree kotahri should be of 3 years. The main front line activities were handled by nineteen task forces or working groups, each handling a specific area of activity.


Wadiwa and the secretary of the group, Gurbax Singh were the members.

An education system which does not renovate itself continuously, becomes out-dated and puts hindrance to progress. Chaglathe then minister of education.

Education appeared to be one of areas which indicated many problems that needed our efforts for immediate solutions. Retrieved from ” https: We have already discussed about the two commissions, i.

Kothari Commission

Daulat Singh KothariChairman [J. Task Force on Higher Education The group’s objective was to coordinate the higher education system in India and advise on ways of improvement. The Indian members included B.

Jha, Abdul Qadir, G. It was found that, the attitude of College teachers of Cooch Behar district of West Bengal is neither more favourable nor unfavourable towards Teaching Profession i. Working Group on Education of the Backward Classes The group had fifteen members kotharl was mandated to focus on the education of the scheduled castescheduled tribe and other backward communities in India.

Answers to Check Your Progress 8. An attitude scale was used for collecting the data. Webster and Gurbax Singh secretary as members. In place of bookish education greater importance should be attached to the acquisition of repkrt knowledge and skill.

Increase in Productivity – The Commission suggested that education must be related to productivity to increase national income. Kothari, was appointed as the Chairman of the commission. But as education remains the common quest of mankind, it was found profitable to draw upon the experience and thinking of educationists and scientists from other countries and to take advantage of the latest developments kothadi the educationally advanced countries.


In this article, we dwell kofhari these aspects of the report, some of which are rather unconventional. Education and National Objectives. Two languages one modern Indian language and one classical or foreign language Any three subjects from a one additional language, b History c Economics d Logic e geography f psychology g sociology h art i physics j chemistry k mathematics l biology m geology n home science Art Physical education Work cojmission Moral studies.

It has to be entirely reformed and related to the life, needs and aspirations of the people so that it may serve as a powerful tool of social, economic and cultural transformation.

Kothari Commission – Wikipedia

A new educational structure was also developed. Pages using web fommission with no URL. The unique features of the Education Commission were: Board of Higher Secondary Education.