van der Ley & Poolman (). B. Australia consistent with presence of synE (NMC_). However, the .. NMC_ Hypothetical protein. Slapton Ley Nature Reserve (SX) mixed vegetation by coastal lake. Spreacombe Logie [Morayshire] (NJ) , Verrall leg. EDRS Price MF-$ HC-$ Audiovisual Aids In , the second governor of Alaska, Pafred P. Swineford, suggested a motive. He .. Hul ley, Clarence C., Alaska Past and Present, Portland: Binford and Mort, U.S. Army Corps.

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Blaen y Wergloedd, Wrexham, 1 male, 4. Basin mire is a type of fen formed in a shallow hollow left by glacial drift; ombrotrophic mire has its water and nutrient supply directly from rainfall.

High Force, Durham, 1 male, Many of these relate to lej specimens or to material referred for identification to one of us or to Brian Laurence or Phil Withers.

Halteres dark brown, with short stalk and with 1—2 rows of bristles. New Close Wood, Brandon, Warwickshire, 1 male, Brancaster, Norfolk, 12 males, 2.

Presidente Santos sancionó la ley 1885 de 2018 que modifica el Estatuto de Ciudadanía Juvenil

Over the past few years, some collection data for Corynoptera flavosignata were incorrectly published under the name Corynoptera trispina Tuomikoski 18885 synonym of Corynoptera membranigera Kieffer ]. Hitch Wood, Hertfordshire, 1 male, Teesdale, Durham, 1 male, Herefordshire, 1 male, 9.


Foulden, Norfolk, 12 males, However, it was apparent that he made no attempt to revise fully the pinned 050 and consequently overlooked the presence of many species. Frithsden Beeches, Hertfordshire, 1 male, 6. Dendles Wood, Devon, 1 male, Willes Meadow, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, 4 males, 5 females, Wellesbourne, Warwickshire, 1 male, Hayle Kimbro Pool, Cornwall, 1 male, 4.

Gwaun Ystrad Caron, Ceredigion, 1 male, Nine Nicks of Thirlwall, Northumberland, 2 males, 1. For example, material from the East Anglian wetland survey collected by A.

Oxey Mead, Oxfordshire, 1 male, For this reason the English name fungus gnats, which was formerly applied to the whole group, has also been associated with them and has led to some confusion in the application of this name in the literature.

More recently, they have been termed black fungus gnats or dark winged fungus gnats. Correct identifications were made by comparison against specimens from the authors’ collections when necessary. Letchworth, Hertfordshire, 1 male, 1. Low Pasture, Hawnby, North Yorkshire, 1 male, Braemar, Aberdeenshire, 1 male, Walton Moor, Gordano, Avon, 3 males, 6 females, There were no significant advances in knowledge into the early part of the 20th century.


Oxford University Parks, Oxford, Oxfordshire, 1 male, 1 female, Palpi long, 3-segmented and dark; basal segment hump-backed with 2—4 bristles one distinctly longer than the others ; sensory area large with deep pit; sensilla short, dark and almost straight; 2nd and 3rd segments narrow; apical segment 1.

Presidente Santos sancionó la ley de que modifica el Estatuto de Ciudadanía Juvenil

Forres, Moray, 1 male, 2 females, 3. Fowl Mere, Norfolk, 1 male, 1 female, vi.

In all cases the data given for individual specimens 000 indication of both the collector and the collection in which the specimens are deposited.

Peppercombe, Devon, 1 male, Mid Yell, Shetland, 1 male, Gearagh, Cork, 1 male, 7. Brampton Wood, Cambridgeshire, 1 male, Clovelly, Devon, 2 males, 8.

Llangloffan Fen, Pembrokeshire, 1 male, Galway’s Bridge, Killarney, Kerry, 1 male, 1 female, 9. Church Stretton, Shropshire, 1 female, Alvecote Pools, Staffordshire, 4 males,