For a printed owner’s manual, click on authorized manuals or go to . Your selection of a Honda Insight was a wise investment. Honda will repair or. Afterwards, keep this owner’s manual in your vehicle so you can refer to Your selection of a Honda Insight was a wise investment. hazards associated with operating or maintaining the engine speed to 2, rpm, and hold it there. Workshop Manual. Honda Insight Workshop Manual L Hybrid; (14, Pages). (Free). Honda Insight Workshop Manual L3 L; (14, Pages).

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It is reported that a few hundred sales orders were received even before its launch. Consumers Favor Trucks Over Hybrids”. The Motor Control Module controls all these actions.

The Insight being homologated as a vehicle, and hence not Euro 4 compliant, meant it no longer meets the criteria. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Aerodynamics Regardless of what power source a car is using, the less its aerodynamic drag, the less energy will be needed to travel at any given speed.

As of Januarythe Honda Insight is exempt of road tax. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Also, lightweight sound insulating materials are used throughout the Insight. In NovemberHonda informed dealers in Japan that Insight production would stop. Front and rear suspension components from the Fit are used including MacPherson struts at the front and an H-shaped torsion beam at the rear to keep the load floor low.

A traditional transmission shifts between a fixed set of engine-to-wheel ratios; however, a CVT allows for an infinite set of ratios between its lowest gear and its highest. Honda vehicles Hybrid electric cars Partial zero-emissions vehicles Vehicles with CVT transmission Hatchbacks Cars introduced in Cars introduced in s cars s cars s cars Front-wheel-drive vehicles. An Insight VIN is broken into fields as follows A variety of shapes are used, including hexagons, ovals, H- sections and reinforced box-sections.

Retrieved 28 March The 84 module battery is manufactured by Sanyo Electric [57] and provides a nominal system voltage of This improves the thermal efficiency of the air-conditioning system and, as a result, less effort is required from the compressor, resulting in improved fuel efficiency.


Honda Insight Owner’s Manual

The CVT-equipped Insight is classified as a super-low emissions vehicle. In this system, the cam followers of the intake primary rocker arms are fitted with rollers that minimize friction on the cam’s contact surfaces. The torque sensor is identical in construction to the unit on the S Since it is more powerful than most starters of conventional cars, the Insight’s electric motor can start the engine nearly instantaneously. On the Insight, each frame member’s size and strength is optimized so that the frame is strong where it needs to be, and lighter in less critical areas.

Powertrain, Chassis System and Vehicle Body. Archived from the original on January 16, The mounts are located on the axis of the engine’s principal inertial moment the axes about which the engine vibrates.

Total global cumulative sales for the first generation Insight were 17, units. Honda designers have also designed the Insight’s interior to be comfortable and relaxing.

IMA Battery Module, and later be used to provide assist. The new Insight began sales in Japan on February 6, Honda claims that their CVT transmission is the world’s first mass-produced, high-power, stepless transmission. In OctoberConsumer Reports named the Honda Insight the most reliable vehicle as it scored the highest of any vehicles in predicted reliability, according to its annual vehicles reliability survey. Service Manual and Body Repair Manual. This information is presented in a manner that encourages the driver to take an interest in improving the vehicle’s fuel economy.

Got it, continue to print.

However, when the Insight’s ECON function is engaged, a longer Idle Stop time is invoked for improved fuel efficiency at the expense of rapid cabin cooling. To test the 12v auxiliary starting system, first disable the IMA starting system by removing fuse The high-backed bucket seats are highly supportive to help minimize fatigue during long periods of driving. The Insight and the NSX are aluminum-bodied, while jonda S employs a steel body with aluminum hood.

Retrieved December 13, On the manual transmission up and down arrows suggest when to shift gears.


Owner’s Manual & Warranty | Honda Insight | Honda Owners Site

When the ignition switch is turned off, a summary screen displays a scoring function that encourages drivers to take an interest in developing fuel-efficient driving habits over the long term. Unlike a conventional sensor, the voltage can be positive or negative, and it reads the opposite direction. A Crankshaft Fluctuation Sensor CKF is located near the bottom of the timing cover where it generates a ownere as the crankshaft timing chain sprocket rotates past it.

It receives input from the vehicle speed sensor and torque sensor mounted on the steering pinion manuao.

The Insight featured optimized aerodynamics and a lightweight aluminum structure to maximize fuel efficiency and minimize emissions. In each mode of operation, the gasoline engine and IMA electric motor each play a different role. It is based on the tenth-generation Honda Civic sedan, and shares similar exterior and interior dimensions although the Insight is about one inch longer than its non-hybrid counterpart.

The Honda Insight is a hybrid amnual vehicle that was manufactured and marketed by Honda in its first generation as a three-door, two passenger liftback — [2] [3] and in its second generation as a five-door, five passenger liftback — The Insight also uses lightweight aluminum-alloy engine mounting brackets that incorporate hydraulic liquid-filled mounts that help damp engine vibration.

The amount that the IMA Motor slows the car is in proportion to the amount of regeneration being done. In this position there is zero lateral force so friction and piston slap are reduced. The game has moved on.

American Honda December Sales Up This resulted as less availability to overseas markets and Honda has to start production on a second line at its Suzuka factory in mid-June to increase production from units a day.