Download your free PDF file of the hyundai santa-fe on our comprehensive online database of automotive owners manuals. Hyundai Santa Fe Owners Manual Guide Book on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Please examine OUR photographs for items that. Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual [Hyundai] on *FREE * shipping on qualifying offers. Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual.

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If no frequencies are received, then the most recently received frequency will be broadcast. This indi- cates that the cap is securely tight- ened. The LATCH anchors seatbelts are located in the left and right out- Do not allow the rear seat belt board seating positions of the sec- webbing to get scratched or Always fasten the seatbelts ond row. Your vehicle at a glance Exterior overview I Page cycles.

Safety features of your vehicle Seat belts – Rear seat 3-point sys- When the seat belt is fully extended tem with combination locking from the retractor to allow the instal- lation of a child restraint system, the retractor seat belt operation changes to allow To fasten your seat belt: Commands that can be used while playing Ef Music.

Use only an approved trailer wiring harness. Always pull straight ahead. Page Features of your vehicle Folding the outside rearview mirror ODM To fold outside rearview mirror, grasp the housing of mirror and then fold it toward the rear of the vehicle.

Never touch the glass with bare hands. Follow the advice provided with the warning. If towing is necessary, we recom- communicate with each other fre- angle.

Page As explained earlier in this section, maintenance procedures. Page 39 Safety features of your vehicle Walk-in seat Folding the rear seat 2nd row seat, if equipped The rear seatbacks can be folded to facilitate carrying long items or to increase the luggage capacity of the vehicle. See your My Hyundai web page for [Eco Driving] will not operate if the more information.


Check the linkage for bends or dam- Brake pads, calipers and age. Lift the air cleaner cover and pull It must be replaced when necessary, the air cleaner filter cover. Page Driving your vehicle For safe all wheel drive opera- tion WARNING – Santq wheel driving When conditions demand the use of four-wheel jyundai, all func- tions your vehicle exposed to extreme stress.

Pause Pauses the current song. Electronic er as soon as possible. Be sure to use the correct battery. BEEP Shortly pressing the key under 0. Use of nongenuine part could damage the air flow sensor. Remove the socket from the by turning it counterclockwise.

Page Features of your vehicle Ownrrs heating and air condi- Mode selection tioning The heating and cooling system can be controlled satna by pressing buttons or turning knob s other than the AUTO button.

Do not for- get to check both engine hykndai and engine oil. Place the ignition switch in the ON Do not scrape ice off the mirror position. Page – It remains on until the engine is – It remains on until the engine is inspected by an authorized started.

If you run out of gasoline, it could cause the engine to misfire and result in excessive loading of the catalytic converter.

The luggage room lamp stays Opening the lid of the vanity mirror on at all times. Make this adjustment before Your vehicle may be equipped with a Night you start driving.

Features of your vehicle Using hyuundai transmitter if equipped Using the mechanical key Do manuxl arm the system until all passengers have left the vehicle. Towing Hook What to do in an emergency Road warning Maintenance Purge Control Solenoid Valve 3. Install the blade assembly in the 1.


The individual speeds are selected automatically in Drive, depending on the position of the accelerator pedal. Safety features of your vehicle Walk-in seat Folding the rear seat 2nd row seat, if equipped The rear seatbacks can be folded to facilitate carrying long items or to increase the luggage capacity of the sant. Front windshield defrost button 2. Page Maintenance Aluminum or chrome wheel main- Corrosion protection WARNING tenance Protecting your vehicle from corro- After washing the vehicle, test The aluminum or chrome wheels are sion the brakes while driving slowly coated with a clear protective finish.

Transaxle Shift Lever What to do in an emergency When towing your vehicle in an Removable towing hook 3.

2013 Hyundai Santa Fe – Owner’s Manual (711 pages)

Press key Select button from the Menu. Previews each song file for 10 seconds ownrrs. Maintenance Tire maintenance Tire sidewall labeling 2. However, use washer solvent with animals.

hyundai santa-fe Owners Manual | Just Give Me The Damn Manual

Page Maintenance Relay NO. Preset Display Displays preset buttons. Go to the front of the vehicle, raise ODM the hood slightly, pull the second- When you check the engine 1. Install the socket in the assembly flat-blade screwdriver. The steer- ing wheel may become difficult to control or operate abnormally. Loosen the air cleaner cover 2. Driving your vehicle Fuel, engine coolant and engine oil: Pull the dipstick out again and check the level.

Features of your vehicle 2.