by Anders Breivik Politisporet by Torstein Viddal Die Tage danach by Erika Books about Anders Behring Breivik and the Norway terror attacks 7/22/ A 1,page “manifesto” recently published online, entitled A Geofarm is a farm which has been linked to Anders Behring Breivik. By Andrew Berwick (Anders Behring Breivik), London – compendium, – “ – A European Declaration of Independence” – documents.

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Anders Behring Breivik’s Complete Manifesto “2083 – A European Declaration of Independence”

I should have checked all 2803 links before I posted it. The places where he exerted the most mental and physical energy — creating the world and planning and testing his mayhem, meant the most because those were the parts that resonated with hurt child, narcissistic personality. Most men treated women like ladies, and most ladies devoted their time and effort to making good homes, rearing their children well and helping their communities through volunteer work.

Breivik introduserer og forklarer begrepene revisjonisme og negasjonisme: Det er for tiden to forskjellige grader: They also awarded the editor of Communist newspaper Klassekampen with the Freedom of Speech award for his bravery in defence of free speech.

Sweden is probably the worst country in the Western world in dealing with these issues. Politikeren Geert Wilders gir stemme til bekymringer om innvandrere:. On 16 March Breivik started his testimony, [] “to give his view on the strict prison regimen [that he is exposed to] and any damage done to his health while in prison as a cause of isolation”.

I am full of admiration for the sterling work you have devoted to berhing confounded Breivik and his manifesto. Breivik underwent his first examination by court-appointed forensic psychiatrists in I am a supporter of an indirect collective conversion of the Protestant church back to the Catholic.

This number may be adjusted based on distribution area. Father horrified by Anders Behring Breivik killing spree”. In letters sent to Norwegian newspaper Dagen inBreivik said that he “is not, and has never been a Christian”, and that he thinks there are few things in the world more “pathetic” than “the Jesus-figure and his message”.

Han gjentar at dette er en kulturell krig, breivuk en rase krig. Archived from the original on 9 June Most men treated women like ladies, and most ladies devoted their time and effort to making good homes, rearing their children well and helping their communities through volunteer work.


– Breivik Arkivet

Combined with modern means of communication, we get the largest and fastest population transfers ever recorded, large enough to destroy nations or, in the case of Europe, perhaps even entire continents.

Religion is a crutch for many weak people and many embrace religion for self serving reasons as a source for drawing mental strength to feed their weak emotional state f example during illness, death, poverty etc.

The perpetrator still insists he belongs to an order and that his one-man cell was “activated” by another clandestine cell. While those who wanted peace were arguing, Fascism grew stronger. On 23 Junea month before the attacks, he paid the brsivik amount on his nine credit cards so he could have access to funds during his preparations.

But those who think that Breivik is not suffering have breovik themselves unavailable for the documented pain breivij Anders partook in [during childhood] Hvordan de kristne serbere ble drevet ut av muslimer og lokkes inn i krig. But Breivik had to get his word out there on his own, and in fact, killing people was a method of marketing to him. In Mayhe founded a farming company under the name “Breivik Geofarm”, [65] described as a farming sole proprietorship set up to cultivate vegetables, melons, roots, and tubers.

Breivik is self-deprecating enough not to look like a megalomanic. I started reading the manifesto back in July. Det kan fjerne arvelige sykdommer som bbehring eller legge IQ-poeng til barn etc. All that matters is he is a delusional, strange, weird man who killed children. I prayed for the first time in a very long time today.

In Europe they are in the thousands, while most people in Norway are associated with the university in Oslo. The number of rape charges in Sweden has quadrupled in a generation, parallel to Muslim immigration.

Please do not think that others will take care of it. Why would a man who is a part of an international re-creation of the Knights Beeivik be reduced to begging those who are reading his manifesto to distribute it to Nationalists? After this comes a statement offering “a full pardon to the Western European multiculturalist regimes, the MA alliance political parties qnders all category A and B individual traitors if they capitulate to our military forces by January 1st, Before the attacks, he had compiled Javier Onagoitia rated it really liked it Nov 03, A high school picture of Breivik that made the rounds shows him with a decidedly behrnig nose, and while he still is recognizable, that is not what he wanted to be the common image of him.


Archived from the original on 26 July ABB worked so well maintaining his image that I suspect only his poor mother suspected the depths of his depravity.

Mum is the only one who can make me emotionally unstable”. And he could have built this up, in his mind, into something more important. Deportasjon av muslimer igangsatt. I need to be more careful when I discuss them because while I find many elements of the Tea Party distasteful, I definitely understand why people are so fed up that they have turned to a reactionary party that serves as a point of defiance to the Washington elites who have shat on the lower-middle class for decades.

And here is a adjusted Google translation of the article in question: And the experienced poker player knows.

I managed to plow through pages of the terrorist’s copy pasted compendium in media referred to as his “manifesto” before I was too overwhelmed by disgust, nausea and boredom to finish it. As this is a cultural war, our definition of being a Christian does not necessarily constitute that you are required to have a personal relationship with God or Jesus. He shot to death dozens of teenagers because he beyring striking out at a country he felt deprived him 208 the family and youth he thinks he deserved and missed out on.

As of [update]he has an electric typewriter and an Xbox without internet connection in his cell. Archived from the original on 10 August Retrieved 23 July They want control over their own countries in the Middle East and we want control of our own countries in Western Europe. Her psychological condition became so bad she had to be forcibly sent to a psychological institution.

He wanted to be perceived as a handsome, stylish man because otherwise he feared the media would use other images that would not reflect as well.