Details, datasheet, quote on part number: DESCRIPTION The a 32, bit UV erasable and electrically programmable memory EPROM. It is organized. Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. Buy 5V 4Kx8 DIP ns EPROM. [61 KB ]; Data Sheet (current) [92 KB ]; Fairchild Semiconductors [ KB ]; Representative Datasheet, MFG may vary.

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Wired it in and programmed it. Fairchild mos memory products,alldatasheet, datasheet, datasheet search site for electronic components and semiconductors, integrated circuits, diodes, triacs, and other semiconductors. Each has the manufacturers full part number printed on the device. If so, if there a datasheet, or any fatasheet information on it? I purchased 15 of these chips at a bargain price, which wasn’t much of a bargain.

IC Datasheet: 2732 EPROM

The FRAM is also a non-volatime memory component however it uses ferro-electric magnetic structure to store information. If you are in a stable situation where you believe that your code won’t go crazy on you, I recommend this as a reasonable alternative to burning a PROM. The eeprom chip, along with the ce, oe and we pins, will also have a set of pins for setting an address and a set of pins for readingwriting data to the selected address. Ma datasheet, ma datasheets, ma pdf, ma circuit.


You currently have javascript disabled. Please log in to reply. My problem turned out to be lack of protection after that. I tried to program these last two chips, one worked and the other would not do anything. I don’t think my programmer is the problem.

Several functions may not work. These parts appeared in the mid to early ‘s and most are still manufactured today. I changed to using a modified el-cheapo Chinese UV toothbrush ‘cleaner’ and it has worked great for many years now and is done in about min http: The programming datassheet an unmask command.

I sent the seller a message stating that I only wanted 2 pieces and he dxtasheet me two pieces for 8 bucks plus 6 bucks shipping. Are there any slight or major differences in writing to that chip?

KippFWIW, they’re both rated for 10 dattasheet data retention, and depending on the programmer one may be easier to program than the other. Are the larger and newer chips easier to use?

If you already own the eraser, it’s more economical to use the old stuff sometimes.

EPROM Technical Data

Of the 13 that could have worked, 10 still had data in them. Looks to generally be a little more expensive but not having to bust out the uv eraser could be nice. Data is introduced by selectively programming 0s into the desired. The circuit uses timer ne ic2 wired as a monostable.


These memory chips store the bits of data by blowing small fuses inside the memory device.

Is there some that is pin compatible to a ? The listed device numbers conform to the core numbers used by most industry standard parts. A free online environment where eepfom can create, edit, and share electrical schematics, or convert between popular file formats like eagle, altium, and orcad.

I looked around for some new ‘s, but seems they are not made any more. This approach allows you to more easily locate a device number, as many users do not know the manufacturer of the device in which they have interest. However, this chip is no longer listed on their website, so it’s probably out of production. I erased the bunch for 15 datxsheet. Here is a lowcost eprom programmer circuit to program binary data into and eproms.

The 273 works fine, but I’m looking to make some additions and improvements to the program.

It’s 30 years old and I wonder if it is still good. I have cycled them a number of times and have found the many bits are stuck. I didn’t bother testing that one at all.