DESCRIPTION. The 2N, 2N are high voltage silicon epitaxial planar PNP transistors in Jedec TO metal case designed for use in consumer and. 2N STMicroelectronics Bipolar Transistors – BJT PNP Power Switching datasheet, inventory, & pricing. 2N Transistor Datasheet pdf, 2N Equivalent. Parameters and Characteristics.

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Find More Posts by Fred Dieckmann. Surplus parts can cost as little as one-tenth the retail prices charged by companies such as Newark or Allied.

There may well datasheeg some better options out there today in the Asian parts. A possible manufacturer who has them listed on its web page is STMicroelectronics. This causes the capacitance to vary with voltage.

Most of the 2n To do that, a Ic vs. Please use an ohmmeter to datwsheet the value of all resistors before soldering them to the circuit board. Unfortunately, the other ones you found are just as brief as the ST ones. I have replaced several of them and they were not adequately heat sinked in the B and K amps.

2N Transistor – 2N PNP General Purpose Transistor – Robomart

I have replaced several of them and they were not adequately heat sinked in the B and K amps. Formerly Tech America, this is the parts division of Radio Shack and is not connected with the retail stores. Indeed, on one occasion I could hear a ceramic capacitor “sing” when excited at its resonance frequency. Fred, I assume the double negation was unintentional.

There is not much room on the circuit board for the heat sinks, so they must have small fins. If you look at the specs, however, you will see why I prefer the starred types. I have seen some mystery brand transistors that have really bad characteristics. To do that, a Ic vs. BTW, I realized 2n later that I had posted in the entirely wrong forum was probably too tired when 2n so I reposted in 2n appropriate forum since nobody had answered.


I always get a feeling that those popping up in designs every now and then are types that have been around 2n ages.

Vbe diagram would be helpful to get a better estimate, I think. I would be interested if anyone knows of other sources for these transistors.

BTW, I realized much 2n that I had posted in the entirely wrong forum was probably too tired when posting so I reposted in the appropriate forum since nobody had answered. Spain or 2n pueblo of Los Angeles. This page is not a publication of the Georgia Institute of Technology and the Georgia Institute of Technology has not edited or examined the content.

The case is the collector and there will be no power supply voltage datasehet the collectors. The 2n datasheets I have found are from ST and they are very brief, giving just the mandatory data and void of diagrams. It is not clear why they specify two.

ST Microelectronics

The clips should make good mechanical contact to the transistor for good heat conduction. With the Version 4. I did find a comment datasheer Jocko that 2n have low Cob 2n specified in the datasheetsbut since the japanese alternatives have a much higher fT, I assume they also 2n a lower Cob, right? Is there any reason why it 2n not a good idea to 2n eg.

These will keep the screws that hold the power transistors to their sockets from making contact to the transistor cases. I have seen some of these exhibit non-linear effects, so I don’t recommend them unless the mica types cannot be found. I had a student use these caps, and R41 through R44 caught on fire on his board, and he blew Q16 and Q Then people started to reply to the first post, in the wrong forum!!


I did find a comment by Jocko that they 2n low Cob not specified in 2n datasheetsbut since the japanese alternatives have a much higher fT, 2n assume they also have a lower Cob, right?

The ceramic dielectric in the capacitors can exhibit a piezoelectric effect which causes the spacing between the plates to vary with applied voltage. Please consider donating to help us continue to serve you. My local suppliers have those transistors on stock, I have few used but working. BB code is On. Hi, 22n Datasheet with detailed 2n of 2N, 40 2n obviously very hard to find. I only managed to find the datasheets from ST.

2N5416 Datasheet

If you can’t find them, they are easy to make from sheet metal flashing. But, you can measure this caracteristic on real samples, or 2n 2n somewhere Spice models. Q12 – Q15 can run a little warm. The spec sheet for the NTE only has one power rating and it does not give the gain bandwidth product f T. I n you are right 2n most 2N devices 2n ancient. They 2n datawheet at about 30 2n and ran quite hot as I remember.

Some of the capacitor datssheet specified below are ceramic.

The time now is Send 2n private message 2n Christer.