Swordmages were powerful arcane spellcasters who blended martial combat with magic, often but not always elemental in nature. Ancient traditions of. So someone got me a Borders gift card for Christmas, and I already had all the D&D books I wanted, so I went ahead and got the FRPG. Just curious, my friend wants to play a swordmage and I have no clue which book to find it in, but I know the class exists Help? Thanks!.

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Wich is kinda ironic because they were actually suposed to be pure defenders. Views Page Discussion Edit History. Strange way of being a defender, hey? If your bonded weapon is broken or damaged, you can spend 1 hour of meditation to recreate the weapon from a fragment.

Be a pit fighter and you’re adding it to the damage also! Githyanki are also known to practice their own swordmage tradition, which is similar to the shielding swordmage.

Most assault swordmages use a two-handed weapon such as a greatsword or a falchion to deal more damage, though they have a lower AC as a result. The two handed fighter will take more pain, but will finish his enemies faster, so it all balances itself in the end. Of course you could just not take any swrodmage powers there are plenty of weapon powersbut then why play a Swordmage?

When a hybrid swordmage gains the Hybrid Talent feat, he or she chooses one hybrid talent option from either of his or her hybrid classes.

Swordmage – Dungeons & Dragons

Triplicate yourself with Glamor Blade! Doing less than 30 damages with an at-will at 25th level sucks. It was meant to be arcane, with the whole uncontrolled Elemental craziness. I don’t remember any way the swordmage gets to add another stat to damage on his attacks of oportunity however. In fact, they do not.

  DIODE 1N5401 PDF

I don’t see swordmaeg anywhere in there. You mastered the fundamentals of arcane magic and combined this academic study with endless hours of physical training.


A bit of thunder damage and the target is dazed? Fortunately, it recovers as an encounter power.

You have to subscribe to see more about the results, though. Binding Ensnarement aegis of ensnarement [ AP: Spend another feat on a parrying dagger and you can swordmae up more of the AC loss.

Swordmage – 1d4chan

Can also be used with Aegis of Assault. Home of user-generated, homebrew pages! It teleports the target to a new spot on hit. Click here to toggle editing of individual sections of the page if possible. That’s countered by the simple stickiness of fighters. Epic resurgence lets you recover encounter powers when you crit. A Gnoll Swordmage could benefit from extra Con for Shielding type abilities, and with some of the powers that can be used in place of swodrmage charge attack could get a quasi-decent boost to damage.

November 09, But, Swordmages cannot heal themselves. Fate Spurned Foe U6 Impose a penalty to saves vs all effects that you inflict for the remainder of the encounter.

Icy Shackles D25 Reliable 4[W] damage, ongoing cold damage and bonus damage when they try to move. Warlock – Lots of ranged powers, but none of the Paragon Paths are really useful to you. Great Fortitude – Swordmages depend on STR or CON, so it swordmzge unlikely your Fortitude defense needs significant improvement, but improving your defenses is never a terrible idea.


Once per 44e, while wielding a light blade or heavy bladethe character can take a minor action to benefit from the Swordmage Warding class feature until the end of the encounter.

On your turn, you still have those bonuses, so you use your Headband of Intellect’s minor action power to gain a plus 4 on top of the plus 2 you’ve already got, use an action point, and wreck the heck out of your enemies. Still, sort of useful. Horns of the moon is an encounter-long buff and an encounter-long debuff whose targets you can change at the start of your turn. Variable Defense U6 Dragon Elemental resistance that you can change. Burning Blizzard – you have a good number of Cold powers, but not that many Acid powers.

Our last level before the awesomeness known as paragon tier. I don’t really see a place where the class pays for the advantages they have. Powers – Heroic Tier.

Shadow Shroud – gain combat advantage against targets you have concealment ewordmage Shadowed Psyche D20 – Dominate a target you have combat advantage against – reliable to boot. Yeah, I just saw that.

This power is great, and combined with Booming Blade, all your at-wills trigger Solid Sound in the Paragon tier! It pulses with eldritch energy as you prepare to defend your allies and unleash magical fury against your foes.