The RCIDX is an all mode, 10/25 Watt 6 Meter transceiver from Ranger Communications. Hey guys, just picked up the dx from Copper and it’s quite the nice unit! I do have one issue on the SSB. I do get my watts but I. [IMG]$ End Date: Sunday Mar PST Buy It Now for only: $ Buy It Now | Add to watch list Continue reading.

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AGC Figure of Merit. I also wish it had a factory installed tone board, but I guess you can’t have everything. I asked if they could just send me a new model but they declined. After researching for a couple of months d100 reading reviews on many different 6-meter radios. First I have to say that this one super performing 6 meter all mode tranceiver with plenty of power.

The company was real great in their followup. I adjusted both using a Bird 43 wattmeter and Bird watt dummy load on the output. For the first six months the backlight went out three times. There are two low pass filters in this rig one at the driver output this is actually the final for the lower power version and one more at the output of the added PA stage or power amplifier. The warranty seal was NOT broken when I dc100 it, so nobody has been inside to cause this.


Ex100 second thing would be to include a tone board.

I bought mine used and its had its share of problems after the warranty date expired. Next was the low output. I was able to reach everyone I could hear with just a dipole working 7 states in an hour and got good comments on the audio.

Then the new radio failed so they 50554 it back and replaced the strip and the module it plugs into. I also really like the front panel adjustable RF power out knob.

If it were mobile an outside module would be better since it may be necessary to change tones for different repeaters. It has a Clarifier knob dxx100 acts the same as RIT. A tone board would be nice, but for what I do, mostly simplex SSB on voice, it is not extremely necessary. So I just said the heck with it 5045 kept it even though it has this intermediate problem. The packaging was great and the radio was ready to power up and go. Even includes a Roger beep!

Ranger RCI 5054DX Radio Transceiver

I heard that the parts division was sold to 554 third party. My first impression was that it would make a great base rig, which I had planned on using it for. They offered to check it out if I sent it in with about a 2 week turn-a-round time. Email Subscription You are not subscribed to this review.


I got my Ranger in April and was suprise at the receive it has,Have work many contacts with a 6 meter loop antenna at 15 feet high. So I give this rig a 3 rating for poor quality controlPoor product support and poor communications.


I also use it for local 6m nets and ragchewing and am ALWAYS getting great signal reports and amazement at my simple 6m setup. Good luck finding some! One is available from Ranger, but you have to manually change the tones on the board via dip-switches.

Ranger RCIDX Amateur 6 Meter Mobile Radio from Ranger Communications

I am really impressed with the company and ordered directly from Ranger-USA. It just plugs into a module. I was a little upset as I was sold a radio with a known problem.

Having worked in Heathkit service on Amateur radio equipment I know things just happen UHF Type, 50 W. I have also made many contacts mostly over the western half of the country and Canada because of my location.

I only use it on SSB at this time but will soon get a vertical antenna as there is one 6m FM repeater in my area. These low pass filter coils looked so perfect all turns close spaced I said to myself “they forgot to adjust the low pass filters for best match”. Well, about 2 days after receiving the radio the blue LED panel light went out.