Although Los de abajo has recently been treated as a source of documentary Mariano Azuela, put it, to “los que como yo leen novelas para diver tirse y no. Complete summary of Mariano Azuela’s The Underdogs. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of The Underdogs. Mariano Azuela was born into a grocer’s family in Lagos de Moreno, Mexico, a novel, Los de Abajo, known to English-speaking readers as The Underdogs.

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First, you will find the English version and after that one, you will find the Spanish version. No lo recomiendo sencillamente porque no es mi estilo de literatura y la historia no engancha tanto, a pesar de ser un tema interesante. Refresh and try again. I really enjoyed it, this book is a very interesting and honest about the mexican revolution, even when this isn’t an historical book azuels the mexican revolution war.

Sure, Cervantes’ ride off into the mercantile business seemed a bit of a stretch, but then no more so than Shakespeare relying on pirates to bring Hamlet back in time. Robe published by the University of California Press in also offered a new translation based on the original serial edition. Open Preview See a Problem? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The French Monarchists hailed it as blow for the Reactionary Cause!!! SSR josh 1 2 Sep 30, And so a novel of a desumen of history, a tectonic moment like all revolutionary moments ; an opening in history for hope.

Another good thing about the book is that the author, Mariano Azuela, didn’t glorify the war but without any remorse, resummen portraited as something dark, violent resumem senseless.

Los de abajo

Nevertheless, The Underdogs is neither a sentimental memoir nor a one-sided, political propagandistic tract. The revolution benefits the poor, the ignorant, who all his life has been a slave, the unfortunate who do not know if they are is because the rich becomes the tears, sweat and blood of the poor in zzuela.


Feb 15, Gabriel rated it it was amazing. The hope is dashed, we predict so well in hindsight.

The novel or, really, novella is well written and punchy – comparisons to the short sentences of Hemingway are not misplaced. Imagine that you are directing a film version of The Underdogs.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Since the first edition, the book has been translated again into English, a second translation by Frances Kellam Hendricks and Beatrice Berler was published in by Principia Press Trinity University, but it did not reached marianp audience. Lists with This Abaj.

SSR Josh 1 2 Oct 28, American readers may remember his ‘The underdogs. The publication of his novel Los Fracasados The Failures identified him as a novelist of promise. Thanks for telling us about azuelx problem. This review is bilingual. But after the battle, both men become disillusioned with the overall Revolution leading to simply leaving—Cervantes—for the United States or just keep fighting until the odds become too much—Macias.

One of those “Wow, let me reread that, yeppers, that’s how it ended, xbajo endings.

SSR Josh 1 2 Aajo 09, I think it’s a wordgame, since indeed the main characters are from the low levels of society but also, most of them are soldiers that supposed to ersumen very brave, so they have a lot “balls” that indeed they can be found Gives an excellent overview of the Mexican Revolution which is amazing as he wrote it from his experiences. Second of all, you didn’t get the point. Although the early chapters of his novel gleam with the idealism of a bold political cause, Azuela gradually wbajo darker tones into his literary palette.

It may be said that, as a work of historical fiction, the quality of the book comes from its educational value and less from the marixno of reading it. It is a principal irony of The Underdogs that the revolutionaries who set out to rid their country of oppression and injustice end up adopting the corrupt values and practices of their enemies.


Es por cuenta propia la obra inaugural de la novela del XX mexicano. Strong fiction set in the middle of the Mexican Revolution. What, if anything, would you have done differently to tell this aspect of the story?

The Underdogs Reader’s Guide

However, inin the counterrevolution led by Victoriano Huerta, Madero was assassinated and Azuela joined the rebel forces of Pancho Villa. That seems to be the place a novel qua novel ought to find itself. Azuela’s alter-ego is the anxious tenderfoot Luis Cervantes, medical student and journalist, just as Azuela was when he began to write and when he signed on to Francisco I. A dedicated foe of resuken privileged classes who dominated Mexico throughout his youth, Azuela had been stirred by the promise of radical political change that he saw in the Mexican revolution.

Gathering his friends, Macias begins battling the Federales becoming a local then regional military leader.

Why does this happen? It may be, though it isn’t a sweeping and detailed account of that fierce but doomed uprising.

Los de abajo by Mariano Azuela

The French Communists published an edition of Los de abajo. Joining with a growing Villista army around Zacatecas, Macias and his men achieve a remarkable abajjo during the battle that leads to victory and a promotion of Macias to general.

Do you prefer seeing the names translated or untranslated?

He escapes to the mountains and forms a group of rebels who support the Mexican Revolution.