Diode Supply Sections User’s Manual (DSU) EN ABB Oy. All Rights Information (EN code: ) and for the ACS in Hardware. ACS Single Drive Manuals. HARDWARE MANUALS (appropriate manual is included in the delivery). ACS/U1 Hardware Manual to kW. ACS Firmware Manual. Crane Control Program (+N) application guides as well as this manual can be found and downloaded from ABB IHMM.

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June 16th, Check status of fieldbus communication.

Support Centre

In that case take a look at my explanations how to proceed further out. Ensure proper motor cooling: Output bridge of converter unit is faulty. Check nominal speed from motor rating plate and set parameter We have some ASC drives running on our plant.

Wait until drive indicates that motor identification Run is completed. Check panel type and drive application program version.


Excessive temperature can be caused e. Phase A is connected to terminal of phase B and vice versa. Upload function of panel has failed. Check inside of cabinet and heatsink of converter module for dust pick-up. Check that drive supply AC voltage is not excessive.

ACS alarms and faults_百度文库

Please DON’T use it for advertising, etc. Motor identification Run is on. Now there is a mess. Wait until download is completed.

You are not registered yet. Check main supply and fuses.

Check that actual number of sensors corresponds to value set by parameter. Drive expects user to select how motor identification should be performed: Consult the documentation or author of the Adaptive Program. March 19th, The output of this function will connect to some PQW number based on hardware configuration and hardware connected to the AI in drive. Reload firmware to control board. Check heatsink fins for dust pick-up.

Ok Im a little rusty. Ensure brake resistor is manuzl and vfx damaged. Perform upload function before downloading. Check panel connection see appropriate hardware manual. Check that INT board power cable is connected. Click here now to try it. Check thermal relay if used. FTS05 – Alarms and Eve Find More Posts by rupej. Measured vfs temperature has exceeded fault limit set by parameter SC INV xx y 3.


October 1st, Originally Posted by DickDV. Check supply voltage for static or transient overvoltage. Originally Posted by Wizlock.

Abb acs replace fan – – Interactive Q & A

Check connection of brake acknowledgement signal. Check adequacy of motor braking torque.

June 14th, Short-circuit in motor cable s or motor Check motor and motor cable. Press Start key to start Identification Run. Check motor data parameters Inverter type is usually changed at factory or during drive implementation.