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Use water-based gels as a contact medium between the silicone electrodes and your skin. Change the batteries immediately to ensure that abbmaxx device functions properly. We recommend limiting the use to no more than 3 times per day with at least a 4-hour break between each use.

Durch sanfte elektronische Stimulation werden Muskelkontraktionen hervorgerufen. Persons with no feeling in the skin may not use the device.

Bedeutung der Symbole in dieser Anleitung Alle Sicherheitshinweise sind mit diesem Symbol gekennzeichnet. Problem Die Anzeigelampen leuchten nicht auf. Programme display lights 1. Batteries and storage batteries must not be disposed of in normal household waste. For beginners, we recommend limiting the use to no more than times per day with at least a 4-hour break between each use! Slide the removable large stimulation pad onto the belt.


Damages to the device Check the device for damages prior to each usage session. Apply the control unit by using the snaps on the large stimulation pad. You must remain awake when using the unit. On this page you can get: Danger Associated with Batteries Before inserting the batteries, check whether the contacts in the device and on the battery are clean and if necessary, clean them.

Warranty provisions Defects caused by improper handling, damage or attempts at repair are excluded from the warranty. Maintain a minimum distance of 1 meter. Verwenden Sie nur Original-Ersatzteile des Herstellers. As the end user you are legally responsible for returning or properly disposing of the batteries. The best position is an area where you notice the strongest contractions.

Greife lieber zu mineralwasser, leitungswasser oder apfelschorlen. Meaning of the symbols in these operating instructions All safety notices are marked with this symbol.

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Do not use any different battery types, brands or batteries with different capacitance. Die Batterien sind zu schwach. Beginners should stimulate each muscle group for no more than 10 minutes per day!

Remplacez toujours toutes les piles. The device does NOT produce any vibrations or sound waves. Adjusting belt for the small stimulation anleiitung 2x 3. Check whether the control unit has been securely attached to the snap fasteners. Limit your use to 3 times per day with at least a 4-hour break between each use.


Regularly clean the silicone electrodes that come into contact with your skin with a damp cloth to prevent leftover gel or residues etc. We recommend limiting use to no more than 3 abmaxc per day with at least a 4-hour break between workouts. Setzen Sie zwei Batterien ein.

Use preferably water-based gels as a contact medium. We expressly point out that some persons may experience skin irritation or hypersensitivity brought about by the electrical muscle stimulation or the enclosed contact medium gel.

AB Maxx Pro II Manuals

Konsultieren Sie einen Arzt. Only use the battery type specified in the technical data. The batteries may not be charged or reactivated with other means, not disassembled, thrown in a fire, submerged in a liquid or short-circuited. Stimulation with fast and slow components. Pour cette raison, veuillez conserver les piles et l’appareil dans un endroit inaccessible pour les petits enfants.

Small stimulation pad 4. Utilisez l’appareil uniquement comme la description du mode d’emploi.