Responsive Web Design has ratings and reviews. Elaine said: A very Published June 7th by A Book Apart (first published March 1st ). A Book Apart: Brief books for people who make websites. An Event Apart: 3 days of design, code, and content for web & UX designers & devs. Responsive Web Design (Brief Books for People Who Make Websites, No. Paperback: pages; Publisher: A Book Apart (); Language: English.

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The technical approach to fulfilling the responsive design philosophy boils down to three things: The book explains the 3 basic components of a responsive site, then in the final chapter explains the changes in habit aboooapart mindset that will be needed to know when to deploy each technique.

A very short book; I think it took me an hour or so to read all the way through. And this book, like those tutorials, sometimes rushes through topics and skips over details, becoming nothing rsponsive than code snippets surrounded by hastily written paragraphs.

Responsiv data-driven strategies and battle-tested techniques will make you a master of mobile and improve your non-mobile design, too! When I had read this the first time, I didn’t notice the bit regarding working with engineering collaboratively, but I appreciated the recommendation to get to a live prototype in code and iterate the design with engineering, rather than spinning your wheels in a design tool. Magazine for designers and web developers.

Responsive web design is the idea that, when creating a web page, it should work seamlessly and correctly on all screen sizes and devices, from an iPhone or Android phone up through a widescreen desktop computer. On the plus, each one of those points is heavily reinforced and plenty of examples are given for each.

May 21, Responsvie rated it really liked it. Oct 13, Reido rated it it was amazing. For sale on Amazon paperback. There is, however, an opposing school of thought responsove says much of this is unnecessary and that adaptive layouts – ie.

About — Responsive Web Design

He grounds the book in traditional architecture and art history just enough to give it depth without detracting from its focus of responsive web design. Dec 07, Deena Katma rated it really liked it. Are your designs ready? New devices and platforms emerge daily. This book uses an example site to demonst Responsive web design is the idea that, when creating a web page, it should work seamlessly and correctly on all screen sizes and devices, from an iPhone or Android phone up through a widescreen desktop computer.


I may question my purchase, but I don’t regret it.

A Book Apart 4. Thankfully we now speak the same language.

7 Essential Books on Responsive Web Design You Do Not Want to Miss

What makes it great is that it’s not just a technical book on respomsive to apply HTML and CSS to create responsive websites, it discuss the history, the principles and motivation behind the Abookapartt movement, as well as providing numerous links to other excellent articles about this topic. Sep 26, Elaine Nelson rated it it was amazing Shelves: This was a good updated primer for RWD, but I think the Responsible Responsive book has more tactical knowledge for engineers looking to implement responsive designs.

Nov 20, Chris rated it really liked it. Article by Awwwards in Web Design – August Layout approaching breaking point? I liked how this book combines high-minded principles e. This book uses an example site to demonstrate: I ended the book fired up to do design this way from aboomapart on, and to go back and update sites I already have out there.

Responsive Web Design

Good, my developer just changed some from book at https: Aug 11, Michael Mali rated it it was ok. I’ve just finished going through the book and it’s examples. I’ve purchased the other books in the series I got them all at once and I suspect Abookapwrt will have similar disapointed feelings about them as well. This book was uselessly beginnerish. UI Design Trends for Oct 25, Phat Nguyen rated it it was amazing.

Unlike its predecessors, the new Smashing Book 3 has the main theme: Although fine for some websites, I don’t happen to think this is a particularly viable approach in the long term – nevertheless it would have been nice to have read a bit more about this in the book.


Ethan Marcotte will explore CSS techniques and design principles, including fluid grids, flexible images, and media queries, demonstrating how you can deliver a quality experience to your users no matter how large or small their display. Building Responsive Web Applications” is the most resposnive and efficient resource a reader can get to enter the exciting world of AJAX.

A good overview of abookapwrt design; however, when you got to the end and deeign issue of mobile-first design arose, it felt a little as if the rest of the ddesign took you to a partial dead end. Return to Book Page. Why I find it interesting?

For those of you who want to depeen your knowledge and development of Responsive Design techniquewe recommend a selection of 7 reference books about it, which you can purchase via the Internet. What more 5th chapter talks about progressive enhancement approach for responsive design.

Fortunately such concerns need no longer hold us back, thanks to that devastatingly useful W3C construct, the CSS media query. Unfortunately, like those online tutorials it’s also loaded with inconsistencies and gaping holes that will have you backtracking several paragraphs and pages to soon realize that the author is simply referring to points that he never actually made. However, only abookaparrt to this book for theory and history. Even if I don’t use it, it’ll look so pretty sitting next to the others.

If you are looking for either a deep dive into concepts, terms, and nuances or a how-to guide for various situations, then this is not the book. Aug 29, Corey Capetillo rated it liked it.

After all, the alternative – page elements lost in a sea of whitespace and line lengths too wide to be comfortably read, or content constricted into squashed-up columns, images cropped awkwardly or poking out where they shouldn’t – well let’s just say these have never been happy places for the designer pathological about presentation.