Abyssal Genasi – Souls of Elemental Evil The elements can be corrupted. If the cults of elemental evil were not proof of that, simply lo. The interesting thing that first jumped out at me, from the first paragraphs, is that the Abyssal Genasi isn’t just a corrupted Genasi, but a curse. Genasi is a player character race in 4th edition Dungeons& Dragons. Dragon added corrupt manifestations for abyssal genasi, and Dragon also.

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Abyssal Genasi – Races – Homebrew – D&D Beyond

Blood Genasi are, by nature, quiet and methodical, and whilst not as common as mist genasi, blend into society just about as well. Genasi have no hair, though certain manifestations have crystalline growths on their heads. It’s so common that one of the genasi’s “Winning Races” articles in Dragon Magazine was all about a genasi anti-slavery ring; the Amethyst Sea.

Them doing so depends on their environment: Your void assault cantrip deals extra damage equal to your charisma modifier on each attack. To post a comment, please login or register a new account. That takes a nice chunk off any shot. Well, to clear things up, in the Demiplane of Dreadbecause the very nature of the land is subtly tainted and infused with evil, elementals really don’t react well when they’re summoned there even before they learn they can’t return home.

Githzerai – Minotaur – Shardmind – Wilden. Common mutations include skin in charcoal gray or deep red shades, red or orange hair that waves like flames, unusually warm skin, a scent of smoke, and large red-colored teeth.


Though they are born with only one, some genasi obtain different manifestations during their lives. I’ve always wanted to play a Genasi, but found the choices for subraces somewhat It may BR more complicated, but it’s clear that abyssal genasi are normal genasi corrupted by evil in the way that evil turns normal elemental creatures into demons.

I’ve also added 3 racial feats for each of these to expand their capabilities. You can assault the mind of a nearby target by linking them to the eternal void.

Something like that should be so rare that there might be a handful of them in all the cosmos, and a simple template applied to a regular genasi should be enough. Erik, I do appreciate your efforts to reconcile 4e with the past lore, but this is retarded. Whenever a dead abyssal genasi is targeted by revival magic, the genasi must roll a d I was thinking of that even as I wrote my post.

However, I think your idea of making these “corrupted” genasi be from the paraelemental, or even the quasielemental planes is a good one. The Amethyst Sea does not discriminate; all genasi are welcomed and aided, even those who bear corrupt manifestations. Check out our Getting Started Guide! Any creature that starts its turn or enters this radius takes 1d6 fire damage. Originally posted by The Sage quote: Ice Para-Genasi are cold-hearted, logical and emotionless by inclination.

I’d like to add racial feats for the original 4 elements as well eventually, so if you have any ideas, feel free to share them here. I could swear along time ago I heard taht 2e had versions of atleast one of the abbyssal genadi Though genasi don’t like to talk about it, most genasi in the Elemental Chaos are slaves; their resistance to the elemental attributes of that plane make them highly valuable to giants and genies in comparison to their relatively perishable human ancestors.


All images must be original content, must include [OC] or [Art] in the title, and must be accompanied by a genasii in the comments of at least characters. TBeholder Master of Realmslore Posts. The abysssal to this view is that the genasi don’t look to the future, they only know that it’ll be different, embracing it whatever it may be.

Abyssal genasi – Emrah Elmasli.jpg

Most apps include their own filtering systems. Though the possibility exists that at least some members of that group do enjoy feeling like heroes for helping to free the slaves.

Steam Para-Genasi tend to be bossy and egotistical, in some ways the worst aspects of their fire and air kinsfolk rolled into one.

Air Genasi are fast, free-willed, and infamously arrogant, which is not helped by their distant ties to the djinn nobility of Calimshan on Faerun. They play a prominent role in my 4e FR game, wherein.

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