The ACI Building Code for Struc- tural Concrete includes minimum provi- sions for concrete materials and design, with a primary goal of protecting the safety. The term “curing” is frequently used to describe the process by which hydraulic- cement concrete matures and develops hardened properties over time as a. The International Concrete Abstracts Portal is an ACI led collaboration with leading technical organizations from within the SP Date.

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What can be the error?

International Concrete Abstracts Portal

So I import etabs model to safe and just take uniform water load on base slab and point load from columns. Please note that participation in the conference is strictly based on registration.

Posted December 23, Because of this, most ACI documents limit the amount of chlorides in the concrete for new reinforced concrete structures. The aim of this study was to determine the chloride threshold concentration of carbon steel rebar embedded in high performance concrete under exposure conditions relevant to the substructure of coastal bridge in Florida. I have done my B.

Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. Regardless, placing concrete with chloride concentrations above the critical chloride threshold for a particular situation would result in active corrosion of the reinforcement and is therefore undesirable.

Thank you very much Uzair for your kind input.

Building Code Portal

The benefits of the reduction in the rate of diffusivity seems to be offset by the detrimental effects of SCMs on critical chloride threshold. By mhdhamood Started April 6, This special publication SPbased on two technical sessions held during the Fall Concrete Convention and Exposition in Denver, CO, November, addresses challenges associated with allowable adi chloride limits, critical chloride thresholds, testing for the critical chloride threshold, binding of chlorides in different systems, and how admixed chlorides influence service life.


Chloride—induced corrosion of embedded metals in reinforced concrete structures is dependent on the quantity of chlorides in the concrete material. Sign up for a new account in our community.

Picked By waqar saleemMay I have more than 5 years of experience out of which I spent 4 years in a field of post tensioning at Qatar. Choose Product Language English. Curing measures directed toward the maintenance of satisfactory concrete temperature under specific environmental conditions are addressed in greater detail by Committees and on Hot and Cold Weather Concreting, respectively, and by ACI 38-08 and It is available in Spanish, Chinese, and Korean.

Already have an account? However, in a double storey building, I do not see a need to increase smaller dimension of the column beyond 12″, solely for providing ties at a spacing larger than 3″. Posted January 9, The word “curing” is also used to describe the action taken to maintain moisture and temperature conditions in a freshly placed cementitious mixture to ack hydraulic-cement hydration and, if applicable, pozzolanic reactions to occur so that the potential properties of the mixture may develop.

On behalf of ACI Committees andthe editors sincerely thank all authors 3308-08 presenters for their efforts and contributions to the presentations, open forum, and this SP volume.

International Concrete Abstracts Portal

Go for liquid-structure interaction for deep bridge piers in water. Are there any construction opportunities available? However, because research on the amount of chlorides required to initiate corrosion in systems containing high SCM replacement levels suggests that there may be upper limits at which the inclusion is 308-8, it was suggested that it may be appropriate to place limits on the replacement percentages of SCMs used for calculations of cement content when determining allowable admixed chloride limits.

The use of ULS method is fairly new for geotechnical design last decade. For a listing of and access to all product errata, visit the Errata page.


Hello Question regarding choosing between shear walls and moment frame system. I really got confused of checking of eccentricity using response spectrum method.

308R-01: Guide to Curing Concrete (Reapproved 2008)

By Hamza Ahmad Started 3008-08 at The chloride concentration above the rebar trace was also measured on most of the terminated specimens. This avi indicates that the ACI published limits may not be applicable to systems containing SCMs and that the limits are less conservative when basing the limits on total cementitious materials content. Currently located here in Adelaide and plan to visit Pakistan till May Sign In Sign Up.

By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use and 3308-08. Click on the link to read the full article. Search for and access many free documents referenced in the commentary section of the code.

But SAFE is showing tension on the base slab and the thickness from punching is 30”. International Concrete Abstracts Portal. Current curing techniques are presented; commonly accepted methods, procedures, and materials are described.

I believe that thickness is too high. The editors are also indebted to the ACI staff for their assistance in 308-80 the sessions, organizing the open forum, and in preparing this volume.

By waqar saleemDecember 21, in Seismic Design. July 25, Author s: Eccentricity check for irregular L-shaped building using IS Code As clarified in the commentary section R ACI specifies limits based on weight of cement but is not clear on what determines cement portland cement only or all cementitious materials?

A further complication in establishing values exists due to performance-based cements in which the specific amounts of SCMs might not be known to the specifier.