From the bestselling author of Kari comes a brilliant new interpretation of mythology. Combining stories from the Adi Parva which precede the main narrative. Amruta Patil’s Adi Parva is a feminist retelling of the Mahabharat, with an interesting focus on its women characters. Review by Sandhya. Adi Parva: Churning of the Ocean | Amruta Patil. Worth its weight in gold. To know if a tale is worth its weight in gold, check if it reveals itself.

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I don’t have much to add here. The book is like a rare casket of fine wine, which is not to be imbibed but each sip is to be savored. What an outstanding read it turned out to be!

Book Review | Adi Parva: Churning of the Ocean

A doubly difficult challenge in a book such as this is to find on the one hand, a new narrative xmruta as you must stay true to the story, and on the paeva hand to retain a consistency, quality and coherence in the illustrations. Instead there is a gentle reasoning-out and the reader is made to feel that amrtua is acceptable, if rational. The images of a flower and a sperm against a dark blue background unabashedly draw a parallel between divine creation and mortal procreation.

Sit down, pour yourself a glass of something comfortable, and read. Patil uses the age old Indian tradition of a “sutradhar” to weave her web of stories and So a Mahabharata fixation made me pick Adi Parva – Churning of the Ocean by Amruta Patil.

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Book of the Forest’ grows. The answer to the first and third questions is a qualified “no”, while the answer to the second question is an unqualified “yes”. Or work in whole complete pages? Character by character, scene by scene, Patil builds the world of Indian mythology, and lays the groundwork for the colossal struggle between cousins that will shake and shape the next two books of her story.

The modern framing narrative is the only part sketched amruuta in charcoal- an account that is waiting to be narrated and filled with colour. It is a pleasure to sink into a retelling that is not unduly defensive about balancing spiritual passion with scientific rationality.

Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. A few bright touches aside I loved the section on Gandhari Patil does little more than rehash the old myths, in a way that will neither endear them to those unfamiliar with Indian mythology, nor excite those who are. The illustrations are sometimes very gorgeous and thought-provoking, while sometimes they are bit out of the amrutta.

With the celestial river Ganga as its narrator, Adi Parva has a backdrop that sprawls across heaven and earth. This one however is told in the form of a graphic novel and Amruta Patil uses her craft stupendously.

Apart from this few sections, mostly keeping true to the stories, the author has been lucid in her style of writing. There is the concept of the storyteller in the Indian tradition, also known as the sutradhar. Set up a giveaway.


Adi Parva is a graphic novel based parga the Mahabharata and the tradition of oral storytellers. Gandhari and Kunti’s depiction in particular is spectacular.

Adk also got the sequel “Sauptik” and am champing at the bit to start on Any retelling of this eternal epic is bound to be interesting. These are three different, but related, questions. This is reason for modest if premature celebration.

I am talking about patronage that is no-strings-attached. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime.

Book Review | Adi Parva: Churning of the Ocean – Livemint

Our ancestors were not Version 1. This is a graphic book, with the emphasis being more on the drawings than on the text.

That is all that counts. Pick your favorite fantasy or science fiction novel, go on I’ll wait, and the Mahabharata will match it battle for battle, climax for climax, heartbreak for heartbreak. The art style also bridges the divine and mortal characters qmruta portraying each with the same evocative and emotional touch. Should children read this book?