The dr5-lab is the only quality Agfa Scala film processing available WORLD- WIDE [except Germany]. ABOUT SCALA: Scala is a very sharp for a iso film. Agfa Scala x – A medium speed, black and white film. Whether fashion, advertising, photo journalism, architecture or landscape – Agfa SCALA x offers exclusive performance in black-and-white. It supplies an.

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They surely sell processing chemicals for it. It has depth and soul and is capable of wonderful images.

Save Cancel Drag to set position! The only black-and-white reversal film in the world Extremely fine grain, superb sharpness, exceptional brilliance light colors Finely modulated grayscale, full-bodied dark colors.

Sad, but it is discontinued so I will lay on a supply of it and wait for it to run out. I’ve got a friend who owns a dark room and i can get there and develop the films by myself or with her help but i have never done anything like that This is probably easier to get than stannous chloride. And HDR scanning in Silverfast terminology is also not really necessary in this case.

Hence they are made on Clear Polyester layer you can also use them for reverse processing. What avfa the preferred rating on it?

E-6 works on the same principle, except that the colors are reversed. Due to its limited contrast level I think it makes a better portrait film for my needs than a landscape film giving a feel of portraits shot in the ‘s with a certain luminous and smooth feel to them, but I have been successful in both arenas using it.

  BS 8204-6 PDF

This will also produce a sepia image which people find pleasant. You can also use a polysulfide toner like Kodak T-8 as a fogging developer. Agfa films are currently being marketed by Lupus Imaging.

Hello there analogue souls. Same for the Retro 80 S Aviphot 80 E1. You don’t need much home brewing experience for running the process, but you better had a cheap supply of Rodinal by the gallon. Can you develop it with D76?


Recent Work Widescreen Narrowscreen. If you develop a color slide DIA film with the C process, you get ecala so called “cross processed film” MUST be processed in a Scala film development lab – consult Agfa’s web site for a list of labs scaoa your area. Adox just reintroduced the Scala in both and Super8. Third, and most important, it a niche within a niche on an obscure periphery, and totally and utterly pointless in But i wanted to ask here to get a confirmation on my supposion.

As we were chatting down at my local lab shop with the guy working there, i got a strange idea: Yep, It doesn’t say when can I open the lid, usually after the bleach?

God’s library – Agfa Scala X (35mm) « EMULSIVE

The S is standing for S ynthetic, made on Clear Polyester layer. Fotohuis Robert 4 years ago. Random Topics antarctica book reviews film gear general rants iceland italy olympus olympus e-system panoramic photography photography in ticino product reviews rant scanning sigma silverfast travel venice xpan.

You must log in or sign up to reply here. Glad I stocked up!

Agfa Scala 200X – Black & white slide film 135 (35 mm) ISO 200 36 exposures #S200X36

Adox Silvermax is an exact copy of the Agfa Scala film. In the US, http: The grain structure was awesome. They nor Agfa Photo list any processing services for the Agfa films but Lupus might shed some light on where to get Scala processed in Europe.


Super great film it is. Fashion, advertising, photojournalism, architecture, landscape. I just had a quick look on their website but it was not too clear to me. It’s film – so you have sccala scan it Feb 24, So if you want to develop it as negative there are many options. There is absolutely nothing special about Agfa Scala, they are zcala worthless.

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Water looks particularly “wet” with this film 020x it rain on a sidewalt to lakes, waterfalls and beach scenes. I personally like Rodinal Adonal the best especially for 35mm. These films are superpanchromatic N. Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time. Here is a long and comprehensive document about reversal development of Agfa Scala X. The owners of the other film in the C processor will want your head! C and E-6 processes remove ALL silver from the film by the time they are done, leaving behind only dyes.

Dr5 processed work best for me. Agfa Scala offers exclusive performance in black-and-white. I am coming from Slovenia!