Akeelah and the Bee script Akeelah, Akeelah A-K-E-E-L-A-H Akeelah: You know that feeling where no matter what you do or where you go you just don’t fit in? l. akeelah script akeelah and the bee script akeelah and the bee play script akeelah and the bee movie script script akeelah and the bee Watch. Get this from a library! Akeelah and the bee: [screenplay]. [Doug Atchison] — Eleven year-old Akeelah Anderson’s life is not easy: her father is dead, her mom .

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WhiIe you’re doing that, I’m gonna be identifying your brother in the morgue. So where do big words come from? It is so boring there and nobody cares. FrankIy, I’d Iike to shove him off a steep precipice. Where do you akeelaj big words come from? Larabee don’t want to coach aekelah no more, Georgia don’t want to hang out with me and aII these peopIe are expecting me to win.

Now what is that you’re doing with your hand, hmm? Maybe the other kids have parents who got more time on their hands. That’s not gonna happen no more. Man, that’s a white word if I ever heard one.


Akeelah And The Bee (2006) Movie Script

I hope I’m not the first one out. Now, we’re gonna start things off with “groveI. I was Christmas shopping. See me after cIass. GirI, your teh can get his own seIf in troubIe. AII right, next pIease. It means Iike feeIing great and everything. Don’t Iook so nervous. You know, you couId be one of my very best students. I mean- it’s one we studied. He’s a journaIist and he’s written Iike a bunch of books.

WeII, Josh, you think she’s got a shot at it? I’m aIready studying for next year’s bee.

We want you to take care of our EngIish homework. So maybe you can teII me what you think a good punishment wouId be for what you did. AkeeIah, I thought you guys were supposed to be studying. You’re aII in the seventh grade now and I know you can do better than this. Why can’t we have fun? AII the other kids have their parents at the district bee.

You need to focus on that. And you don’t take my chiId anywhere without my permission. About two minutes ago in this book. KeeIie, come on out here! It was cooI seeing you again, AkeeIah.


He’s been trying to get. Remember, if you don’t know how to speII a word, speII it the way it sounds. Maybe your mom couId drive you up here to take it with us. I’II catch you Iater. We’re down to 11 speIIers. Oh, forget fIight attendant. You’d Iet me do it. See that kid right there?

So you got any kids of your own? Come on, you got a big scdipt tomorrow. You wiII own it. Can I have the definition pIease? You know, you couId be.

Akeelah-and-the-Bee Script at IMSDb.

Is this an upset in the making? But you don’t turn in haIf your homework.

SpeII the word jacquard. Have you- have you got any goaIs? Yeah yeah yeah yeah! That’s my IittIe sister! No, I’m just saying you need to train hard.

I just wanted to do the bee.