A genealogy of fanaticism—unearthing its long history, before it became a tool in the Clash of Civilizations It is commonplace to hear fanaticism. Fanaticism on MR Online | There are few terms in our political vocabulary as damning as ‘fanatic’. Beyond tolerance Posted Oct 02, by Alberto Toscano. In his Fanaticism: On the Uses of an Idea, the scholar Alberto Toscano traces the history of the idea of fanaticism, a politics of passionate and unconditional.

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Lexington Books, Hardcoverpages. Toscano locates the figure of the fanatic at the heart of modernity, even as he notes that bourgeois liberal democracy has largely constituted itself negatively against the figure of the fanatical “other” effacing the “fanatical” origins of said democracy. Showing how fanaticism results from a failure to formulate an adequate emancipatory politics, this illuminating history sheds new light on an idea that continues to dominate debates about faith and secularism.

We are reminded of this political power of abstraction, for example, in the experience of the African-American leader Malcolm X, for whom conversion to Islam functioned as a break in the particularism of black nationalism.

Fanaticism by Alberto Toscano | : Books

Manifests a certain Negritude of Antonio variety. We are experiencing technical difficulties. Fanatical anti-fanaticism The discourse on fanaticism emerged from the crucible of ideological, theological, and political battles that accompanied the Reformation.

The label “fanaticism” is increasingly attached to the perceived threat posed by religious fundamentalism.

Refresh and try again. The same can be said for our objections to the Iranian rulers, given their vulnerability to attacks by the U. There are other important issues that have, in my view, a somewhat weaker connection to the notion of fanaticism that are nevertheless discussed by Toscano in an interesting and provocative fashion.

Tom Blackburn rated it liked it Jan 19, There is nothing that this reviewer can add to that. This other, according to Toscano, occupies two, ostensibly albergo, positions within the liberal imaginary: Following Augustinian terminology, the ideologues of the Reformation saw in this social movement an attempt to eliminate the key distinction between the earthly city and the City of God, or rather to push madly — through a politicized and plebeian millennialism — for the realization of the kingdom of heaven on earth.


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Although unquestionably an erudite work, it is often difficult to follow and seems to have been addressed to doctoral students and professors of political theory familiar with the literature and controversies in the field rather than to a lay, politically interested audience.

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Fanaticism: A brief history of the concept

Here, a philosophical history of “fanaticism” from Martin Luther to the present. History Politics Religion Category: On the other hand, and because critical thinking is a requirement of radical left politics, leftists cannot hide their values and politics from fear of offending the supporters of political Islam, even though both oppose imperialism and racism.

Published May 4th by Verso first published November 15th Similarly, the highly repressive blasphemy laws in Pakistan deserve criticism although consideration should be given to the meaning yoscano this sentiment in the political context of present-day Pakistani society. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Fanaticism: A brief history of the concept | Eurozine

His defense of Muntzer contra Cohn is particularly convincing. As rightly noted by Domenico Losurdo, 8 German thought from Kant to Hegel can be characterized as a philosophical response to the historical trauma and prospect of emancipation represented by the French Revolution.

The anti-historicity of the concept in part allows for its often arbitrary and hypocritical use. Top story Donna Murch interviewed by Sherry Wolf.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Ricardo Pereira rated it liked it Apr 29, The historical use of the notion of fanaticism to describe widely different behaviors in many differing contexts could render albertto notion pretty useless: It was not policy but revenge, and revenge has no place in politics. apberto

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As is well-known, in the Phenomenology of Spirit Hegel recognizes in this negating movement of abstract, subjective freedom the spiritual force behind the Reign of Terror and its ruthless logic of suspicion — an idea that Alain Badiou has recently brought back in The Century 9 in order to summarize the essence of the twentieth century. Chapter on Kant had me faltering – I simply lack a frame of reference.

Christiaan rated it liked it Oct 20, Liberals also imply that the policies and actions of the Western powers in the Middle East fanaticizm Central Asia are carried out to defend moral and political values, instead of these values being used as an hoscano cover to justify imperialist policies and tactics. Appropriately for a psychoanalytically inflected critique of a peculiarly European? Books by Alberto Toscano. Many of the self-proclaimed defenders of the Enlightenment attribute the growth of political Islam as fundamentally based on a desire to put women in their places, and to restore the Caliphate and other such politico-religious fantasies.

In Kant, the defence of authority that we encountered in Luther reemerges: Ignasi rated it it was amazing Sep 18, Irteza Binte-farid rated it liked it Aug 05, Showing how fanaticism results from the failure to formulate an adequate emancipatory politics, this illuminating history sheds new light on an idea that continues to dominate debates about faith and secularism.

The moral fanatic is a subject who, in refusing to submit himself to the universality of duty, can easily turn into a well-meaning murderer. Chapter on Marx and religion manages to add something to the old insight that opium is medicine, salvific, not necessarily a pure befuddlement and distraction.

Naveed rated it really liked it Sep 12,