I found this little Alinco DJ-S41C handheld pocket sized UHF transceiver on eBay and the auction ended for £28 including postage. The radio. DJ-S Instruction Manual. Thank you for purchasing this ALINCO FM transceiver. This instruction manual contains important safety and operating instructions. • Frequency range/DJ-S41T MHz, DJ-S41(C) mA (30mA S(c)) @V DC, RXI with the UP/DOWN keys (DJ-S41T only ).

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From the size, I had assumed it was all custom ICs on a one board, LCD and buttons on another, but no, it’s a real radio minaturized. I guess it doesn’t matter since there’s no room to go adding a Collins filter: Tryk PTT og Down tasterne nede hvis repeater vil kaldes.

Look for a small about 1 mm green surface mount resistor actually a 0 ohm jumperlocated on the far left side of the exposed circuit board, located to the “northwest” of the speaker. Many modessome keys uses in modes are cross referenced. I realize there really isn’t room for a set of helicals, even forbut since I do not buy anything except used scaners cheap at a flea market that has “extended receive” expressly to avoid intermod and image problems, I was a little dissappointed to have ‘scan’ fetch up on some perfect doubles between commercial and public service UHF users.

It came alinco dj s41c a small leather protective case, wrist strap and belt clip. It seems pretty simple to use and I managed to save the repeater into the memory bank. Just about each F -button combo either enters programming mode or toggles a global mode.

Some Modes are global settings toggled on and off. Newer Post Older Post Home.


One of the best designed quality HT’s ever made. Just as good as my Baofeng or other models of handheld radio with the stock antenna so I’m not to concerned about the small antenna.

In Use I was expecting more intermod rejection on a unit that isn’t cursed with extended receive. If you set the wrong split or Offest, using F-Shift: Many modessome keys dj-ss41c in modes are cross referenced.


I could not figure how to get it into 50mW “low power” mode. What a stupid little “manual”, it’s all of one sheet, with some space wasted with cyrillic and japanese translations of the half-complete quick reference chart.

Alinco EA – Antenna UHF for Alinco DJ-S41C Coditek USA

Tapping Shift while hodling MONI tor will switch you to listening to the transmit side of the repeater or backthe “reverse” monitor, when transmit shift is in use. Some modes are transient programming modes, usually exited by PTT. Dj-s41cc turns the “stand-by beep” or courtesy tone off. Bill Ricker – n1vux amsat.

alinc Writing from a memory slot to itself is how you save temporary changes eg adjustments to shift or tone which would otherwise be reset to their old values if you changed channels and came back. I was expecting a bit more range; I think some of our downtown repeaters must have desense problems or have their squelch apinco high. Stay tuned for that. I guess with a IC-4AT a few miles further out. I find no distinction between the scan mode started by holding UP and by pressing scan, except how long you push it; neither will STOP once it finds something.

Alinco EA-50 – Antenna UHF for Alinco DJ-S41C

Note that the displayed step sizes are not intuitive. Alinco made quite a few accessories to go with this radio such as a tie pin microphone, speaker microphone, earpiece microphone, car lighter power adapter and a car holder bracket which would all be handy for mobile use. The display should show all segments and markings. Does what you expect most of the time, push it and you talk.

And AutoPowerOff can turn it off without touching the volume. Dm-s41c Alinco DJ-S41 quick reference. It is the only green component visible on the board. Call tone sent Hz vs rising alert: Tryk denne knap hvis der skal scannes.

PTT exits many of the modes.

While scanning, tapping some buttons are ignored, others just stop the scan. F-Bell sets the alarm which will indicate if something came in. I suppose one might add allinco IF tap; I had supposed the low IF probably wouldn’t leave the main chip, but it actually is routed through an off-chip filter, so if one really wanted to grab the kHz IF to add SSB detection or something, it’d only be a question of having room enough.


Probably rude when on a repeater that has courtesy tones already, as it makes you sound like a linked repeater system.

I just need to be careful while the antenna is flipped out because it looks like it wouldn’t take too much stick before it alinco dj s41c.

Or use rechargeable batteries. I may do that mod to my cheap junk scanner, though. I could not figure how to get it into 50mW “low power” mode. Note that if done on a memory channel, it will NOT be saved unless them memory channel is re-written from itself before you change off the channel.

If you can’t read the fine print on the schematic, you probably don’t want to mess with surface mount anyway, but I want to know how it works.

All mods i have is listed on this site.! Not yet knowing how long the Alkaline AA’s will last, nor how long I’ll ainco to change ’em and keep memories, I didn’t know whether I’d be needing the charger stand or not, but they couldn’t do the “do you want slinco with that” thing. At mW it’s using paralleled finals: Technical Reading the Schematic The schematic is printed on the back of the single sheet manual. It’s in a very handy location for its intended use, even thought at mW, who’m I gonna win a double with?

On-LAMP will toggle whether the light stays turned on until you tap it off again or goes out on its own. The display will blink if the VCO is taken out of its range.