Follicular mucinosis is a term that encompasses three related entities. Alopecia mucinosa, Urticaria-like follicular mucinosis, and cutaneous lymphoma related. On hair-bearing skin (e.g. scalp), overlying alopecia is notable, hence the term “ alopecia mucinosa” (see Figure 5). Plaques are often composed of densely. Alopecia mucinosa is a skin disorder that generally presents, but not exclusively, as erythematous plaques or flat patches without hair primarily on the scalp.

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Long-term dermatologic follow up is necessary; a reasonable frequency for skin and lymph node exam is every months initially, then annually. Dapsone has been reported to clear Follicular mucinosis and the presence of dapsone in the MDT may be the agent responsible for healing in cases 1 and 2. Follicular mucinosis is a histological reaction pattern wherein variable amounts of epidermally derived mucin accumulate within follicular infundibula and the outer root sheath epithelium.

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Parker SR, Murad E. Infobox medical condition new All stub articles. Mucin between follicular keratinocytes. At this stage it is pertinent to reflect on the vagaries and irony of the practice of medicine. Who is at Risk for Developing this Disease?

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It is characterised by bald patches of skin in which hair follicles are prominent.

Follicular Mucinosis (Alopecia Mucinosa)

Caution if used in patients with gastritis, peptic ulcer disease, or renal insufficiency. Based on histological findings these cannot be diagnosed as leprosy and will be considered as Alopecia mucinosa. Other conditions that may zlopecia to be considered in the differential diagnosis include:. Lymphocytes were seen infiltrating the follicular epithelium but no atypical lymphocytes were seen.

Based on clinical suspicion both were started on multi drug therapy MDT for leprosy with complete resolution of the lesions. The biopsy showed a moderately dense superficial and mid perivascular infiltrate of lymphocytes with occasional eosinophils without any granulomas in the sections.

You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Retrieved from ” https: Indian J Dermatol Venereol Leprol. DermNet Qlopecia does not provide an online consultation service. Rajiv Joshi and Vinay Gopalani 1. Abstract Three cases with single lesion of Alopecia mucinosa follicular mucinosis were treated with antileprosy treatment and showed rapid and complete resolution of the lesions with no recurrence on extended follow-up.

It has also been rarely reported in patients with neoplastic diseases, most commonly hematologic-based malignancies. It is possible that these activated T lymphocytes may cause mucin accumulation in the affected follicles, and it is conceivable that follicular mucinosis may occur in lesions of leprosy without granulomas.

A clinical diagnosis of leprosy was considered and a 3 mm punch biopsy sample revealed features of follicular mucinosis with most follicles in the sections showing spaces between keratinocytes containing wisps of bluish mucin. He had been advised topical Tretinoin and Deoximetasone creams, which he used without any improvement over 3 months. The T-lymphocyte, the mucinosis epithelial interstitium and immunostimulation. No sponsor or advertiser has participated in, approved or paid for the content provided by Decision Support in Medicine LLC.

What is the Cause of the Disease? This mucinosaa had been diagnosed as follicular mucinosis with folliculo-tropic mycosis fungoides, in the USA. With the good response to MDT in the previous 2 cases it was decided to start him also on MDT, alopecla, as he was shortly returning aalopecia the USA, he was started on ROM therapy rifampicin mg, ofloxacin mg, minocycline mg to be taken once a month for 6 months. And are mucinosw other choices?


Follicular Mucinosis (Alopecia Mucinosa)

With the results mucibosa the biopsy, however, these cases would be diagnosed as Alopecia mucinosa! Consider if patient is intolerant or unresponsive to first-line agents.

Intralesional corticosteroids—triamcinolone acetonide, 2. An electron microscopic study. Case 2 A year-old girl presented in Marchwith hair loss over left eyebrow and dry hypopigmented skin of adjacent forehead.

Mucins look like stringy clear or whitish goo mainly composed of hyaluronic acid, a normal component of the ground substance surrounding collagen in the dermis. Treatment based on several case reports. Considering the rapid and complete response to antileprosy treatment in 7 cases of Alopecia mucinosa three cases described in this paper and the four similar cases described earlier[ 10 ]it is most unlikely that the response was a natural remission of the disease.

Views Read Edit Alopeciw history. The authors suggest that in regions endemic for leprosy, such as India, single lesion Alopecia mucinosa on the face in children and young adults should be given antileprosy treatment.

Usually, primary and acute alopecia mucinosa occurring in children resolves spontaneously. This website is intended for pathologists and laboratory personnel, who understand that medical information is imperfect and must be interpreted using reasonable medical judgment. Treatment based on single case series of six patients.