English forest anchomanes (Morton). SENEGAL: DIOLA éken (JB; K&A) = sucker (DF, The Gambia) SIERRA LEONE: KISSI n-dσndσ (FCD) MENDE kipσnσ (def. Plant Morphology: Growth Form: Tuberous herb to 2m tall. Foliage: Solitary leaf to 2m tall and a spread up to 1m wide; leaf with 3 main branches, leaflets to. Common name, -. Synonym, Amorphophallus difformis. Other names, › Anchomanes difformis (Blume) Engl. Rank, SPECIES. Lineage, › cellular organisms.

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This is further corroborated by previous submission that largely used by the natives, i. They received 50 g of anchomxnes mash and g of crude extract of the stems and leaves of A.

Aroideae Araceae genera Flora of Africa Araceae stubs. This was late autumn last year. Public enlightenment discouraging unrefined herbal practices needs to be intensified, as a stitch in time could save nine.

B highest proportion g of powdered extract of Anchomanes difformis mixed with 50g of feed mash. I have stored its pot in the basement max. Open in a separate window. Tratamientoactual de las micose superficiales. A typical Aroid, a tuberous variety that goes dormant and then wakes up when it pleases. The cleared tissue was infiltrated in molten paraffin wax in the oven at 56 0 C to 60 0 C and passed through three consecutive changes.

Just one main quibble is the silly way of having two separate entries for each plant.

Anchomanes difformis

Leaf unfurling Photograph xifformis Anchomanes difformis Blume Engl. There was no significant difference in groups C and D when compare with control group A. The micrographs of the kidney of the rats anchomanees treatment group D that received the lowest dose of the crude extract of A. The micrographs of the difformis of the rats in treatment group C that received moderate dose of the crude extract difvormis A.


Amorphophallus difformis Blume Anchomanes dalzielii N. All rats were randomly divided into four groups. I will bring it into the light when the shoots difformiss from the surface. They were given water and fed liberally for three weeks until they were fully acclimatized and thereafter randomly divided into four groups of four animals per group.

Publisher Digformis Year ISBN – Description An excellent and very comprehensive guide but it only gives very short descriptions of the uses without any details of how to utilize the plants. It does wake up when it wants to most of the time like most other Aroid’s that have a distinct dry season in their native habitat.

In Nigeria, the presence of alkaloids was also discovered in A. Sixteen adult Wistar rats of both sexes weighing between g were used in this study. Crude water extract of this sample was used in order to mimic the way the herbal practitioners use it here on their patients. The seeds sprouted and grew through winter dofformis very much like an Alocasia.

Table 1 Treatment regimen. Plants of the Arum Family. Most are still in pots, one in the ground, and others given away. The treatment groups B, C, and D received feed mash mixed with crude extract of A. World Checklist and Bibliography of Araceae and Acoraceae: Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

Invitro antiplasmodial activity of plants used in Benin in traditional medicine to treat malaria. Introduction Anchomanes difformis Blume Engl. Pathological or accidental cell death is regarded as necrotic and could result from extrinsic insults to the cell such as those caused by osmotic, thermal, toxic, and traumatic effect Farber et al.


On the 14th day of extract administration to the Wistar rats, they were sacrificed by cervical dislocation following prior anesthesia using chloroform.

Anchomanes – Wikipedia

Kidney diseases in the developing world and ethnic minorities. The infiltrated tissue was placed in molten paraffin wax in an embedding mould and allowed to cool and harden into pure paraffin tissue block which was then trimmed into shape and size and attached to a wooden chuck to aid attachment to the holder of the microtome. Year ISBN Description An excellent treatment of the family Araceae, giving lots of information about the plants, how to grow them, their uses etc.

Please review our privacy policy. Anchomanes Anchomanes giganteus Scientific classification Kingdom: The current study results suggest renal toxicity with excessive consumption of A.

Discussion This study shows that Anchomanes difformis which is used in the treatment of different ailments is potentially toxic to the renal tissue.

Anchomqnes List Avicenna J Phytomed v. Also, the stalks are spiny and the tuberous rhizomes have eyes. Forest Anchomanes Anchomanes difformis was harvested from a bush at Oluku in Ovia North East Local Government Area of Edo State of Nigeria, and dried under shade to prevent the degrading of its active constituents by sun rays.

Group C rats were given g of feed mash and g of crude extract. The dried tissues on the glass slides were passed through two changes of xylene for five minutes from where they were passed through descending grades of ethanol.