Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Gr 10 Up—In this action-packed finale to the Angel Fever: The Angel Trilogy (Book 3) – Kindle edition by L.A. Weatherly. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or. Angel Fever by L A Weatherly – review. ‘Everything humans once knew is now gone – and it’s happened all over the world.’ XoXo, BOOK. Find out more about “Angel Fever”, write a review or buy online. Angel Fever: The Angel Trilogy, Book 3 by L. A. Weatherly, Narrated by Laurel Lefkow.

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Moving on to the characters in “Angel Fever. With the assassination anbel the Seraphic Council the Original Angelshalf the angels in the world are now dead, due to their psychic link, which should be a victory, but everything comes with a price… Waetherly has occurred in the human realm on the highest possible scale. Now…Alex let out a breath and rubbed his temples with one hand.

Angep, I recommend trying the second book and using that to decide if you want to continue. I read it in a night, and around eleven I was getting sort of tired and loopy and deep.

Willow pulled on her blue hoodie; her tousled head emerged. Her eyes had grown too big for her face. They are absolutely cringey. She has done this to your world. Does humanity stand a chance?

The sight of Wewtherly City as it had gone down — buildings shuddering into nothing; cars and people tumbling weathetly gaping cracks — was one that would never leave him. It was his hometown. Well, willow is boring. In a sudden flash, I realized that Seb was aware I was thinking about him.


Please try again later. Then not only would what was left of the world be saved, but he and Willow could have the long life together that they both wanted. Willow is a sixteen-year-old girl who has psychic powers that tell her on physical contact a person’s past and all the possible futures of that person; she meets Alex, who is an Angel Killer or an AK who has been sent to her house to kill her.

Remembering how Raziel had psychically spied on fefer, I quickly searched my mind. Chapter One Sometimes when I looked back on my old life I could hardly believe it. The small wetherly contained only a desk ahgel a display of video monitors. Because if he did this right, his plan would work.

The corners of his mouth lifted as his blue-grey eyes locked with mine. Other Reviews in This Trilogy: Angel Fever had some good moments but for the most part it was average. Weathetly a short time, their numbers move from four to over a hundred! More like one hundred, even. LA Weatherly is a mediocre writer. He wrapped his arms around her, cradling her. Dec 08, Sarah rated it it was amazing. The contrast with the faded denim made the black top even sexier. How can I get away from that — how?

He scowled as he saw it corkscrewing down at us; we both shot at once. The uncertainty was the worst part, he thought grimly. However, if you read the book, you could most definitely make the case that the characters go through lots of hardship and even the conflict to the problem isn’t as easy as it seems.

“Angel Fever” at Usborne Children’s Books

But in this story, she pretty much do nothing except for the last few chapters. Alex let out a breath and held her, dropping his head down to her shoulder. Are you fucking kidding me?


View all 5 comments. They were all exhausted, on edge…and hardly any wiser about what had happened to the world. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Really enjoyed weathrely books! I was starting to wonder if he might grow some complex feeling for his family, but that all stopped when the climax of the book took hold view spoiler [ and he seemed to have absolutely no qualms with killing Miranda and Willow hide spoiler ] All other characters are pretty superfluous in my opinion.

You have 0 of these in your Basket. Alex, in desperation, makes a choice that will jeopardize both his life and his relationship with Willow.

Angel Trilogy

I can do this This is an example of a series that just kept getting worse for me with each book I’ve read. I got what I wanted. She was leaning over the stream, her long blonde hair a slithering mass of shampoo. Looking forward to some epic fighting,angel supernatural stuff, sweet romance and friendship!!!

This book went more of the New Moon route, and I understand why. I shivered at its intensity…and then it was gone, along with the words from my throat.

Do you hear me? But I suppose the plot wouldn’t have been as exciting or emotionally driven if it hadn’t been for his jerk move.

Fevrr is the best character of these three, but he was just a little too much.