This time I found a small Penguin’s Mini Modern Classics of Angela Carter’s Bluebeard, for only £3 (although it is incredibly short)! These. This essay explores the “Bluebeard” fairy tale and six works of fiction inspired by it, Murderer” and Angela Carter’s “The Bloody Chamber” underscore the. Angela Carter – The Bloody Chamber And Other Stories. Published by the Penguin Group Penguin Books USA Inc., Hudson Street, New York, New York.

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Jun 26, Andy Weston rated it really liked it.

The Bloody Chamber – Wikipedia

It’s my own fault, really, I am not into fairytales like everyone else seems to be at the moment. She just hides on the roof and waits to be rescued. Born Angela Olive Stalker in Eastbourne, inCarter was evacuated as a child to live in Yorkshire with her maternal grandmother.

Maybe this should be credited to him rather than Carter? This site uses cookies. Angela Carter and the Fairy Taleed.

‘Bluebeard’ by Angela Carter

His only stipulation is that she must not use the tiniest key, and that the consequences will be dire if she does. The book itself would be a pleasant 6. Just as with the apple in Eden, what is forbidden proves irresistible, despite the lusher caretr.


While as a writer she clothes herself in sparkling ornament and sensuous fantasy, she continues to operate surgically, with Enlightenment fury against hypocrisy and accommodations. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Chamber of Secrets: The Sorcery of Angela Carter

It is clear that in giving her female characters more agency, Carter is directly responding to and critiquing these traditional patriarchal tropes. Books by Angela Carter. A woman moves in with a mysterious, masked “Milord”, the Beast, after her father loses her to him in a game of cards.

Th Born Angela Olive Stalker in Eastbourne, inCarter was evacuated as a child to live acrter Yorkshire with her maternal grandmother.

May 16, A V rated it it was ok. A Count and Countess go riding in midwinter. She writes of Gothic fiction, that “characters and events are exaggerated beyond reality, to become symbols, ideas, and passions, [12] ” all of which work towards the singular purpose of creating an uneasy atmosphere. When he takes her to his castle, she discovers his collection of pornographic images and takes pleasure in her embarrassment.

The Count pays immediate attention to her, much to the chagrin of the Countess. View all 7 comments.

The other sister is rather irrelevant, so the worrying message seems to be that beauty matters more than brains. Angela Carter died aged 51 in at her home in London after developing lung cancer. Lovely little time bleubeard. Thanks for sharing this background with us. Or, as Carter prefers to put it, “Greedy, short-sighted, careless, thoughtless, changeable people don’t really know how to make sensible decisions; and few of us are capable of using well the gifts God gave us, anyway.


She was loved by everyone and feared nothing. Bluebeard by Angela Carter. Nov 12, Chris rated it liked it Shelves: They divorced after twelve years. I do love Angela Carter. By creating and strengthening said bond, Carter inverts the trope of a lone woman and creates a chorus of agency, where once there was none.

With her new husband she bears children. Unable to clean the blood from the key, the Marquis discovers that she has entered the room and proceeds to try to add her to his collection of corpses through beheading.

Thanks for this review.

It sounds as though you have read most of her work? These neglected works, as well as her controversial television documentary, The Holy Family Albumare discussed in Charlotte Crofts’ book, Anagrams of Desire I added your post to our Mr Linky.