This lesson summarizes Ann Radcliffe’s A Sicilian Romance and provides some analysis of the major themes found in the novel, including an. A Sicilian Romance . Ann Radcliffe On the rocky northern shores of Sicily stands a lonely castle, the home of the aristocratic Mazzini family. Towards the close of the sixteenth century, this castle was in the possession of Ferdinand, fifth marquis of Mazzini, and was for some years the principal.

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I do think this particular edition is over-annotated, however, including in glossing archaic spellings for words that are really quite obvious ‘in spight’ instead of ‘in spite’. Although I like the genre I haven’t read much of Ann Radcliffe.

A Radclifte Romance by Ann Radcliffe. Well, you know, the first part of the book lowered my expectations enough that I was just happy it hadn’t turned out to be the Udolpho clone I’d expected it to be.

Radcliffe occasionally lived with ajn Uncle, Thomas Bentley, in Chelsea, who was in partnership with a fellow Unitarian, Josiah Wedgwood, maker of the famous Wedgwood china. The Castle of Otranto by Horace Walpole came first but Radcliffe legitimized the genre by her brilliant use of the supernatural elements and thorough handling of the inexplicable phenomena that, critics said, made readers accept and love gothic works. This early novel explores the cavernous landscapes and labyrinthine passages of Sicily’s castles and convents to reveal the shameful secrets of its all-powerful aristocracy.

The protagonists are also apparent as prototypes for some of the stock characters, notice how often dysfunctional upper-class families pop up in detective novels to this day.

The Count, whose first name is Hippolitus, is kind, handsome, charming and rich, and Julia immediately falls head over heels in love. Nor tempt my rokance with objections thus childish and absurd.

They entered this court, which was overgrown with grass and weeds, and ascended some steps that led to a large door, which they vainly endeavoured to open. She allowed herself a free indulgence in the most licentious pleasures, yet conducted herself with an art so exquisite as to elude discovery, and even suspicion.

It all comes across as ostensibly ridiculous on paper, but it’s clear that the author knew exactly what she was doing from how well put together. It was not in the rapid intricacies of execution, that she excelled so much in as in that delicacy of taste, and in those enchanting powers of expression, which seem to breathe a soul through the sound, and which take captive the heart of the hearer.


Overall, I like the book. Although the women in A Sicilian Romance aren’t your twenty-first century “kick-ass woman”, I was glad to see female characters attempting to create their own happiness in a patriarchal world, as well as being central to the narrative.

Her imagination was ardent, and her mind early exhibited symptoms of genius.

Halfway through the novel and the body-count is piling high of those who, due directly or indirectly, have forfeited their lives because of romantic tragedy. However, once I got used to the purple prose and Byzantine story structure it became an extremely entertaining read, the kind of thing they’d call a page-turner if it wasn’t an Oxford World’s Classic.

Julia fell in love, with a dear friend of her brother. The story is told by a traveller to Sicily who reads a manuscript about a castle and his inhabitants, the Mazzini family. The majority of young Ferdinand now drew near, and the marquis determined to celebrate the occasion with festive magnificence at the castle of Mazzini.

He conducted himself toward her with frigid indifference, which served only to inflame the passion it was meant to chill. Or they are busy writing their next masterpieces.

A Sicilian Romance – Wikipedia

She must stay and endure her father and evil step mother while Julia is out running away from bad guys, finding her true love Hippolitus, losing Hippolitus, getting caught by banditti, coincidentally finding her mother, etc. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Recommend you start with this one if new to Radcliffe. Beneath the gentle guidance of Madame de Menon, their hours had passed in happy tranquillity, for they were ignorant alike of the sorrows and the pleasures of the world.

Therefore, there is a romancee ever after last chapter of the book. She opened it; and observing a fine effect of moonlight upon radcljffe dark woods, leaned ahn. I also love how the story changed from scene to scene in different parts of the country there was a lot more travel there was a lot more mystery… I really liked this book.


Now I know what it is an original Gothic novel. Gotik edebiyat denince akla ilk gelen isimlerden biridir Ann Radcliffe. The plot, annn adventure, the mystery Ufff, I have done it. Away — appear no more before me, till you have learned to speak what it is proper for me to hear.

A Sicilian Romance

I looked it up and it turns out it’s a picture of Julia after she was banished to the island you know, after Augustus found out she was sleeping around with just about every other man in Rome, and went all, “Family values, my dear! I recommend this book to anyone who is happy to get caught up in an adventure-filled story no matter how crazy the plot gets.

Northanger Abbey will be lots of fun the next time I read it… I will actually be able to understand the q on a deeper level. Monday – Friday, – UK time.

He immediately ordered a party of the servants to attend him round the castle walls; and with some reluctance, and more fear, they obeyed him. So who had the most power?

A new scene was now opening to her, which her young imagination painted in the warm and glowing colours of delight. The children are motherless and radfliffe in a castle in the same sublime species of landscape as Udolpho which has an entire ruined southern hall which is reputed to be haunted.

A Sicilian Romance, by Ann Radcliffe

Although their minds retained no very distinct remembrance of him, they looked forward with eager and delightful expectation to his virtues and his talents; and hoped to find in his company, a consolation for the uneasiness which the presence of the marchioness would excite. Vincent returned no sicilixn exhausted by the effort of speaking, he had fainted.

The marchioness received them with a mingled smile of condescension and politeness, and immediately the whole attention of the company was attracted by their elegance and beauty.

Nov 12, Jane rated it ssicilian liked it. I love this stuff. The closet was adjoining her chamber, and was separated from the apartments of madame only by a short gallery.