Anna Tsing’s Friction is an original, highly readable, and insightful study of out of their “friction/’ to paradoxical “global understandings,” or universalisms. But in. Anna L. Tsing Friction An Ethnography of Global Connection Ch 1: Frontiers of Capitalism Capitalist frontiers create “wilderness” These landscapes already. Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing. · Rating details · ratings · 35 reviews. A wheel turns because of its encounter with the surface of the road; spinning in the air it.

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Things are contextually more particular than signs and potentially more general… Things are thus related to their signs as empirical tokens to cultural types. In this shared space. Looking for more realistic follow ups to The World is Flat. Nice description of how globalization has rriction Indonesia and how has influenced their economic culture. You start with a militant idea in a particular place, and then it gets translated into a much more global political movement.

Feb 11, Crista added it. Her style and purpose reminded me of the hypnotic manner that K.

She completed her masters and Ph. Are we anthro suckers just supposed to ignore that? Apr 25, Liz rated it it was amazing Shelves: In response, environmental movements arose to defend the rainforests and the communities of people who live in them.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Tsing meets a manager sent from Singapore tsiing speed up the loading of coal barges, which he achieves by purchasing a load of bananas that happened by and distributing it to the workers.

Humans are limited and we should accept our limitations.

Towards a cultural tribology: Anna Tsing’s Friction (I) | Savage Minds

The Dayaks are however quite aware of such universals and put them in a sort of ceremonial place for community leaders to use on occasions where they might suit their interests. When the currency fell in the late 90s, Indonesian coal became competitive with Australian coal, despite the poor infrastructure.


This is not however one of those stories where the bad universal confronts the good that is local and specific. For Clausewitz — an aufklarer who spent his entire career getting his ass kicked by Napoleon — all friction is essentially a problem to be minimized.

I had bought Friction to read in the hope that it would help me with the beginnings of my own tsiing project and then discovered the reading group here, which I have followed with interest. Anyone else you know who is working on the latest twists and turns in American kinship systems? Universals are effective within particular historical conjunctures that give them content and force. The specificity of collaborations is erased by tsihg unity; the priori status of unity is denied by turning to its instantiation in collaborations.

Hence a certain prudence.

Challenging the widespread view that globalization invariably signifies a “clash” of cultures, anthropologist Anna Tsing fricfion develops friction in its place as a metaphor for the diverse and conflicting social interactions that make up our contemporary world.

Universals can transcend localities, but they have not taken over the whole world. In the deregulation zones where frivtion is at the end of its tether, capital can operate with the hyper-efficiency of theft.

I liked it, because she was telling me mostly what I wanted to hear and reassured me it was okay to still feel hopeful.

Friction: An Ethnography of Global Connection

Tsing is also interested in the universals of conservation and the environment. It is a claim that complexity can only be handled as narrative. Process and narrative should not be fricttion as some kind of magic bullet which protect us from critical inquiry. I also disagree that the definition of empiricism has anything to do with prediction.


Friction: An Ethnography of Global Connection – Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing – Google Books

Development divided the country into settled and wild zones, the latter being for resource exploitation. Is she doing a good job of tding. My library Help Advanced Book Search. Beyond this, though, there really is an issue with reinventing the wheel. The fourth generation is democratic agitation.

Today we start the summer reading circle by discussing the preface and introduction of Friction through to about page Feb 19, Bidita rated it really liked it Shelves: How fortunate for me that after coming back here after a few weeks you are criction about the very book I have just started reading! A young Chinese scholar much taken with world system theory rose to rebuke him for giving too much weight to local cultural differences over global economic forces.

Dec 31, Kalynda rated it it was amazing Shelves: IMF pressure had reduced the scope for the state to secure consent through frriction and selective rewards — as Achille Mbembe notes also in the Africam context.

So for instance we get Tsing writing. She gives the example of activist groups who understood concepts of “nature” and “conversation” very differently but still managed to cooperate. Oct 26, Brandon rated it it was amazing. Just had a call from our somewhat shaken daughter Kate.