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When he showed up for the first session everything was ready, but when he took off his shirt the first doubts arose.

The images shown in this article are by: Through andPepe has felt the urge to to paint a series of portraits of tattoo masters who have given their contribution to the history of tattoo art: Once again I’ve been featured in TrueArtists. Unfortunately the customer was only available on that particular day it was a public holiday or on Sunday, which was impossible since I was going to leave town that day.

He showed up with an image downloaded from the internet, a back piece that would make Giger turn in his grave if it were considered biomechanical. I wish to have given more prominence to the waves on the upper back enhancing the shading behind them, but he asked me to stay below the neck line of the shirt so I willingly respected his choice. The intention was to cover the old tattoo and continue down to the wrist with a new biomechanical.

You know those days when everything seems to go wrong? At a second glance it was clear that the Hatter was perfect just as it was: Provided that the italianni who plans the different phases of a project remains the same, let alone when the artists are more than one.


D by Jerry Magni. Had it been for him, he would have included all the characters of the story but that was unthinkable, unless we were to extend the work to a much wider area.

Jerry Magni – Page 6 – Jerry Magni Tattoo Artist

He immediately liked my first draft so all I had to do was finish the design in view of the first session dedicated to the outline. Poi ho avuto tanti esempi artistici, sia italiani che stranieri, a cui mi sono ispirato, ma itaiani troppi per farti un elenco.

Now put yourself in my shoes in front of a client with these precedents. What styles does your work investigate? D Look at the images of the working process below. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

A picture annnuario always worth more than a thousand words! The aesthetic value of those writings is almost always of the same level of those teenage diaries, those tattoos are a work of art just like those diaries are an illustrated art book. I like both these ideas and I have therefore decided to maintain both versions. I was confident that he would agree with me once I had shown him the drawings of the great Czech artist, and so it was.

Manulibera: tatuaggi giapponesi a Milano

The tattoo artists involved take part in the Yearbook so they can set up a virtual shop window to display the best they have to offer year after year.

Click on images to enlarge then navigate using arrow keys or swipe on mobile. By using our website, you agree to our tatuatoir of cookies. Italian Tattoo Artists Yearbook See pictures of the working process below. The lyrics of a song or a quote by some famous asshole can surely find similarities in texts that are far more synthetic, valuable and intense written by some poets or playwrights.


The following season, in springhe returned once again and this time he wanted to extend the tattoo to his middle forearm.

tahuatori I’m sorry I can’t check it out it and take some pictures once healed. To contact me please fill the form below. The past is full of tattoo letterings, from the slogans and acronyms of prisoners to expressions of love, including votive phrases of pilgrims, patriotic slogans of soldiers and so on.

Jerry Magni – Page 5 – Jerry Magni Tattoo Artist

He was obviously in a hurry to take a look at himself and show off his tattoo: The owl also had to have a key around its neck, representing her son. This client contacted me in asking for a black and grey biomechanical tattoo on his right arm. My clients really love the sea apparently: Same procedure as the previous ones and to italiabi things short, from the first step up to that moment this work took a total of approximately 36 hours, but it wasn’t over yet.

After this stylistic choice and the first evaluations on how to convey the various meanings, I revisited his project in a functional way and almost completely without, however, altering his original idea. tatuatiri