Ansat-U, a trainer variant of the Ansat helicopter, is being produced by Kazan Helicopters for the Russian Air Force. The helicopter can be used for the training of. Mission and primary tasks. The Ansat light multipurpose helicopter is intended to carry personnel, cargo and equipment inside its cargo compartment or on. MiA2 and Ansat helicopters, manufactured by the Russian Helicopters holding company (part of State Corporation Rostec), completed a demonstration tour.

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Russian Helicopters, Jul Tags: In the first prototype for ground static tests was completed. In the s management realized that there would be a need for light helicopters in Russia, as the fleet of standard Mi-2 ‘s was getting older, helicpter the design itself became obsolete.

Kazan Ansat

Ansat and MiA2 helicopters begin a demonstration tour Potential customers from Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Malaysia will be able to familiarize themselves with the capabilities of the newest MiA2 and Ansat helicopters during their demonstration tour gelicopter the countries of Southeast Asia.

Once it is flown by one pilot, it can carry 8 passengers. In DecemberIAC AR issued the approval of the main changes addition to the type certificateallowing for the transportation of the passengers on the commercial market. Russian Helicopters is working on import substitution During the 7th International Helicopter Industry Exhibition HeliRussia, the CEO of the holding company Russian Helicopters discussed the plans and economic performance of gelicopter holding heliicopter, as well as future models and international cooperation.

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Russian Helicopters, Feb Tags: Version for visually impaired. The Russian industrial holding company Russian Helicopters, a part of the multi-profile industrial group UIC Oboronprom, offers the African aviation markets south of the Sahara, the new light multi-role Ansat. The event at the U-Tapao airfield included flight display of Russian-made rotorcraft. The Ansat made its first flight in Vision out of the cockpit is expectedly strong thanks to large use of transparent windscreens where possible.


In total it produced over 12 helicopters. During the 7th International Helicopter Industry Exhibition HeliRussia, the CEO of the holding company Russian Helicopters discussed the plans and economic performance of the holding company, as well as future models and international cooperation.

The “Ansat-UT” is another variant though featuring a wheeled undercarriage as opposed to the original’s skid assembly. The rotorcraft was delivered to Russian Helicopter Systems.

Russian started certification of the Ansat helicopter Russian Helicopters part of Rostec State Corporationtogether with Rosaviatsiya, has conducted the first stage of negotiations with representatives of the Civil Aviation Administration of China Helicoptee regarding validation of the Russian certificate for the Ansat helicopter in China.

Another prototype, with a longer and slimmer fuselage, and powered by two PWK engines, flew on December 27, no. Relative Maximum Speed Rating.

Often it was flying anst partially loaded. The “Ansat-U” is a military-minded helicopter trainer that features a dual-control scheme for student and instructor this version has been accepted by the Russian Air Force as its next helicopter trainer platform.

Graph average of miles-per-hour. As a result, in Kazan Helicopters organized its own design bureau heilcopter order to create a new helicopter the bureau was officially certified by the Russian authorities in January The helicopter was named Ansat meaning light”, “simple” or “easy” in the Tatar language. United Helicopters International Group, the authorized distributor of Russian Helicopters holding in China has signed an agreement to supply 3 medical helicopters to Beijing Emergency Rescue Center.

Helicopter with tail number BA flew with three refueling of Heliparka Podushkino Moscow region, Odintsovo district at the heliport of the Center of Disaster Medicine Kurgan region. Our Data Modules allow for quick visual reference when comparing a single entry against contemporary designs.


Third-year cadets of the Syzran Branch of the Military Academy are to perform first sorties on such training helicopters in March It accommodates only pilot, instructor and technician. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Kazan Ansat.

Russia certifies Ansat passenger variant Russian Helicopters part of State Corporation Ahsat announces that the new light multirole commercial Ansat with hydro-mechanical controls has received additional certification from the Aviation Register of anszt Interstate Aviation Committee AR IACenabling it to carry out passenger transport operations on the commercial market.

Kazan Ansat Multirole Utility Helicopter – Russia

Max takeoff weight, kg. Retrieved 14 August In the early s after collapse of the Soviet Union a need for a light utility helicopter emerged in Russia. The Ansat can be used to transport cargo and passengers, for surveillance, in search and rescue operations, fire-fighting, and for medevac missions.

Russian Helicopters, Nov Tags: The Mi-2 was the lightest helicopter in large-scale use in the former USSRdespite being larger than most light Western helicopters. The undercarriage is of a skid arrangement which allows the helicopter to land on unprepared surfaces with relative ease. Russian Helicopters, part of State Corporation Rostec, created a prototype of the new rotorcraft at Kazan Helicopters as part of the Police Helicopter program. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.