ANTEROGRADE TOMORROW. Anterograde Tomorrow is an AU RPF fanfiction in the EXO fandom. The plot revolves around D.O, an anterograde amnesiac who falls in love with Kai, a dying . Yeah it’s an amazing story; sad to see it go but I understand her reasons. If you are really curious about it. rs/.

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Dec 08, Rochelle Endira rated it it was amazing.

Where can I read Anterograde Tomorrow? – Fanfiction – OneHallyu

Nov 03, Asrifah Aulia Harahap rated it it was amazing. Jan 30, Maria rated it it was amazing. I think this is the best and the saddest fanfiction I’ve ever read. It tomogrow me cry so much: They do the same things every day, they talk about the exact same things, Jongin introduces himself every day, only to be forgotten the next day.

Some of his views are really anterograee hitting but I couldn’t agree more.

Kyungsoo is, literally, stuck in the hours. But I love it, God knows how much I love it.

Where can I read Anterograde Tomorrow?

The best history that I ever read in my all life. Changdictator’s writing perfectly captured the beauty and the tragedy of a love on borrowed time. I attempted to stitch my heart back together afterwards but it was broken into too many pieces. I don’t know how someone can craft an art with this much perfection.

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Aug 22, Nova rated it it was amazing.

Anterograde Tomorrow / Fan Fic – TV Tropes

One of the most beautiful pieces of writing, one of the most beautiful and heartrending and sad stories I’ve read in my life, if not the most beautiful. How long exactly, I can’t say, but definitely long enough for you to consider it gone permanently.

The questions and thoughts about life, love and the future are fascinating. Okay, so the fanfiction is about Kyungsoo, an anterograde amnesiac who falls in love with a writer, Jongin. Some stories leave timeless vestiges in our hearts regardless of its genre, and this fanfiction is unquestionably one such thing.

To this very day, only one book made me feel the way this fanfiction did back then in August Jan 15, Lisset Armenta rated it it was amazing. But I wnterograde to hear your opinions! Most beautiful fanfiction ever written and it had me swimming in my ocean of tears at 5am in the morning.

Apr 23, Mori rated it it was amazing Shelves: Second, let’s talk about ‘Anterograde Tomorrow’, the disrespect the author is receiving, and the possible film to the story plot. Whether or not the author disapproved the adaptation tomorro her fanfiction to a movie isn’t explicitly stated but it’s said in a blurry manner that after a discussion with the author the project of the film has been disproved and will be ceased.


Goodreads helps you tomotrow track of books you want to read.

Refresh and try again. Sep 10, Anj rated it it was amazing Shelves: I like how it has an open ending too.

Anterograde Tomorrow

I liked the writer next door character. Everyone should read this fic! Changdictator is the queen of all fanfiction and I will thank her everyday for giving us this antfrograde thing! This is my second time reading this masterpiece. I knew it was sad when I started reading it, but I never imagined that I would suffer so much with the characters and how much anguish would it cause me.