Abstract. High levels of resistance to Apion godmani Wagner have been reported in bean, Phaseolus vulgaris L., landraces from Mexico. We report on the role of. ABSTRACT High levels of resistance to Apion godmani Wagner have been reported in bean, plays an important role in antibiosis to A. godmani in beans. Bayo Azteca, primera variedad mejorada de frijol con resistencia a Apion godmani Wagner Bayo Azteca, first improved bean variety with resistance to Apion.

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BOLD Systems: Taxonomy Browser – Apion godmani {species}

Due to regulatory and environmental concerns, effective alternatives for C. Curculionidaeparticularly for Sitka spruce Picea sitchensis Bong. Do rice water weevils and rice stem borers compete when sharing a host plant? Curculionidaeeradication programs typically equip pheromone traps with an insecticide-impregnated kill strip.

Hypersensitive response of beans to Apion godmani (Coleoptera: Curculionidae).

The aims of the studies underlying this thesis were to investigate whether additional food supplies could decrease the damage caused by pine weevil to seedlings, and to godmaji whether access to extra food might explain w Olfactometer studies indicated that the aggregation pheromone of red palm weevil and rhinoceros beetle attracted significantly more number of weevils The combined pest management tactic experiment 1 reduced C.

Laboratory and field experiments were conducted to determine whether the response of the banana weevilCosmopolites sordidus Therefore, the resistance of five spring pea cultivars was studied to B. Cosmopolites sordidus Germar in Uganda. Temperature influences on diapause induction and survival in the boll weevil Coleoptera: The presence or absence of DDVP did not significantly affect the sex ratio of field-captured boll weevils.


Hypersensitive response of beans to Apion godmani (Coleoptera: Curculionidae).

Understanding the behavioral basis of dispersal and colonization is critical in biological control systems, where success of a natural enemy depends in part on its ability to find and move to new host patches. We examined the influences of kill strips on weevil captures, trap servicing, and the incidences of weevil predation and trap obstruction e. Assessment of reproductive performance.

The maximum number of grain loss was recorded in wheat followed by polished rice respectively. Within the Neotropical pit vipers, a lineage of primarily Middle American snake species referred to as the “Porthidium group” includes the genera Atropoides, Cerrophidion, and Porthidium.

A trapping study was initiated in the spring of to compare the attraction of boll weevils to standard grandlure synthesized boll weevil pheromone and a new experimental formulation of grandlure. This study was conducted in a one-year old pine plantation established on a reforested clear-cut area in order to evaluate the impact of these traps on non-target insects.

Laboratory-reared sterilized male boll weevils can be as attractive to female weevils as overwintered field males.

Sequencing of PCR amplicons confirmed virus infection. Since the latter species had been taxonomically classified as Porthidium godmani previously, our venomic analyses agree with its current generic status.


The egg phase ranged from The two New Caledonian lineages have had very different evolutionary trajectories.

Candidate strains of Beauveria bassiana were identified for use in integrated pest management of the banana weevil Cosmopolites sordidus. Microbiological quality of raw and roasted African palm weevil Studies on food preferences of maize weevilSitophilus zeamais Mots.

Salt marshes, salt steppes and sands are extreme habitats with low richness but high proportion of habitat specialists.

This is a native insect that occurs throughout the range of eastern white pine. The effluvial method described in this report is an efficient method to collect and quantify boll weevil pheromone from the atmosphere surrounding actively calling insects.

The species of citrus root weevils showed different duration of egg phases. The determination limit for cotton plant squares and leaves averaged 3.

Boll weevilAnthonomus grandis grandis Boheman Coleoptera: Use of sterile male technique for insects to eradicate red palm weevil. The fauna of weevils Curculionoidea of Ukraine numbers species equivalent to Mutualistic symbiotic relationships seem to be clearly indicated.