APR was a low cost high performance sound record/play IC widely used by Single chip, high quality voice recording and playback solution; User Quality Line Receiver; High Quality Analog to Digitaland PWM module. Voice Module 60 Sec project will playback and record up to 60 seconds of voice message. This circuit is an This circuit is based on APR IC from Aplus. General Description. The APR devi ce offers true single-chip voice recording, non-volatile storage, and playback capability for 40 to 60 sec- onds.

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APR9600 Voice Recording Playback Module Support Single Chip

Release the restart button after 1sec iv. I edit and author this site. Pin 13, 14 are used for connecting the crystal oscillator to generate a frequency of about 20MHz. When using a double sided board we must consider which traces should be on what side of the board. Switches marked M1 to M8 are available in this mode. morule

All normal C data types are supported along with pointers to constant arrays, fixed point decimal, and arrays of bits. This signal is further amplifier by inbuilt pre-amplifier and by connecting pin 21 to pin 20 via an external DC locking capacitor C 1. Sir pls reply to my question Once modjle ic starts playing will it be playing again and again itself or it will stop after playing the recorded music 60 sec If I want to play it without stoping how should I do it 2 years ago.

The system employs a user friendly design and provides for an appr9600 location name announcement system. Currently they are some of the most popular microcontrollers, selling over million devices vvoice year. The play of message is also indicated by the flashing of LED, D2. Voice Module 60 Sec project will playback and record up to 60 seconds of voice message. Connect a appropriate speaker should not lower than 8 Ohms at LS1, For playing a recorded message you just need to press and release any viice the switch available in that particular mode once.


GPS based voice alert system for the blind uses the current location and gives the.

The IC can operate in one of two modes: There are various types of voice processing chip IC with various features mpdule speech compression and processing is readily available. It consists of 8 pins from D0 to D7 Port E: Complete Electrical Symbol 3. How can i help you?

It consists of 8 pins from B0 to B7 Port C: In order to hear what morule have recorded, we just need to press and hold the corresponding selection button for 1sec and the recorded message would be replayed.

By this it can trace out the distance from the destination and pro- duce an alarm to alert the user in advance.

The first phase would involve recording of the voice in the voice module. Next, we show the GPS to the open sky for receiving the satel- lite signal.

To record a modulee in any on of this location, you need to keep the Record Switch SW10 pressed with one finger and the Segment Switch pressed.

This chip have many features like, one can select sample rates with consequent quality and recording times. For this, we have to switch ON the voice module by connecting the power supply batte- ries.

Here instead of an alarm sound the blind man can directly hear the location rec- orded by the user itself. According to the datasheet, if you press and hold the message button M1-M8 the message is replayed repeatedly. Gener- voic, we put power traces on the top of the board, jump- ing only wpr9600 the bottom if a part cannot be soldered onto the top plane like a relayand vice- versa.


Jumper J3 on the PCB to select audio source. Low voltage, low power DC power supply units are commonly inte- grated with the devices they supply, such as computers and household electronics.

Proteus is a programmer which itself contains a microcontroller in it other than the one which is to aapr9600 programmed.

60 seconds Voice Record – Playback module – Electronics-Lab

The locations names are pre recorded in the voice circuit and are announced when the person reaches those particular locations. Active data means, when the GPS receiver gets the modupe sig- nal it will give the current location values.

There are basically four families of PIC microcontrollers: Doing so, we can track the movement of the Blind person in a very efficient manner. Abstract — GPS is employed to find the position of the user on the earth.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Keep the sampling rate preset PR1 in the middle position to test a sample of the recorded message. The working of the system can be divided into two phases. This chip used flash non volatile memory to store up to voltage levels. The procedures is the same as described above in MOD8, and the keys available in this mode are M1 and M2.