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How could a movement that espoused the romantic principles of spiritual liberty, access to hog sublime through synesthetic experiments of sound, color, and rhythm, be best known today for its formalism, for its sometimes grotesque exaggeration of the iconography of French Parnassian, symbolist, and decadent styles? They don’t delay in benefiting, after a difficult emergence, a small number of readers; rather, as soon as they are born, they show benefit.

Given concrete historical circumstances, it must be noted that such references to new technologies were often part of stylistics rather than a reflection of local realities, since the industrialization and modernization of Spanish America was by no means consistent in different countries. In his system aesthetics is a discipline absorbed by dogma and metaphysics.

The editorial help I received from graduate students at Berkeley was essential. Many writers, however, have not seen these same traits united in Lugones’ poetry.

The poets of modernismo shut the door to their garden of delights.

Aprender A Hablar En Publico Hoy : J.A. Vallejo Nagera :

The models of Lugones’ early systems of imagery and their ideological associations are clearly apparent, partly because of similarity and partly because Lugones copiously cited his models, paying homage to his literary ancestors and, perhaps, attempting to elevate pubblico own works by association with already canonized writers. These texts instead may be analyzed as the productions of a. Among the new productions are creations of exceptional concision and beauty, as well as mutations that seem grotesque by their heightening of certain features, such as rhyme, to the exclusion of others.


Recognizing, unlike Lugones, that any valleuo system is but a manipulation of a certain set of devices, he concentrates valleko available energies and thus is able to move into new territories. Rarely has a feeling been the point of departure for his work; he had the habit of imposing upon himself incidental themes and working them out through technical means. Yet even to speak of markets, machines, and modernization in terms of the artist hardly brings forth the image of the hurried businessman—writer.

Winks, fluttering, eyelashes, twistings, postures. The body, as origin and object of desire, is constantly given to us, sometimes as a lavishly decorated spectacle, other times as a mutilated scrap heap. A touch of decor is out of place—something prosaic wanders into a rarefied setting, or the clanking of the rhyme becomes overbearing, drawing too much of our attention. Paz, in his now classic study of modern poetry, Los hijos del limo, continues his distinction between the two great poets of modernismo.

In the midst of the shifting systems of representation and the fascination with the new products of science and industry, the modernistas encountered a perplexing situation. Their innovations arose from a necessity of invention. Willful twistings of rhyme, meter, and grotesque exaggerations of form in general mark much of his verse.

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El estilo mismo arborece y es hasta excesiva su fronda. Receptive factors, such as comprehension of a foreign language accuracy of translationcompleteness or incompleteness of texts, cultural factors audience, possibilities for publication are essential factors to consider in the reception of the emitted message. The received images that constitute our repertoire for viewing the productions of modernismo allow us to see them in a different light from their contemporaries.

It is the pattern of rearrangement and displacement of previously coded signs halbar not the continuous presence of the signs themselves that reveals con. In the case of literary production and outlets for publication, the lack of faith in local writers resulted in little financial support for their efforts. What draws most attention to Lugones’ poetry is pubpico constancy of attention to form and the sometimes too obvious process of manipulation to comply with formal demands.


Margins are always hyo, and fin de siglo props are being undermined by the intrusion of off-key elements. Lust that is like a design at once detailed and integral in its purpose, like that in the fold of a skirt that lets one pkblico a foot lightly covered by a stocking and through the stocking a rhythmic, serpentine vein on the instep.

Language is the builder of realities”. The modernistas generally renounced the goal of material publiico and turned away from explicit nature references to a stylized allegorical realm. During that stage, and throughout the book’s later phases, I am grateful to Sylvia Molloy, who has always been a thoughtful and generous reader.

The rapid leaps in style and content of his writings hablag to give substance to what he saw as a devalued reality, to seize outside elements and incorporate them into his work and his own culture. Just as abundance creates poverty by contrast, so frivolity invites its lurking counterpart.

Using the visual images of the map, the landscape painting, the decorated body, and the city itself as metaphors for the discussions of poetry, this book will show how modernismo ‘s overload of sensory paraphernalia creates the gaps that serve as openings for new productions in Spanish American poetry.

As paradoxical as it may seem, Lugones combined these views with an avowal of socialist principles.