Aradia è il manoscritto contenente le dottrine della Stregheria italiana.I temi salienti che costituiscono la trama o il nucleo centrale di questo Vangelo, cioè, che. addressed to Diana and Aradia, the exorcism of Cain, and the spells of the holy- stone, . This is the Gospel (Vangelo) of the Witches: Regina delle streghe. : Aradia o il vangelo delle streghe () by Charles Godfrey Leland and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible.

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Da Wikipedia, l’enciclopedia libera. He agrees with Valiente that the major objection of Neopagans to this material is streghr “inclusion of negative stereotypes related to witches and witchcraft”, and suggests that comparisons between this material and religious witchcraft are “regarded as an insult by many neo-pagans”.

Leland explains its inclusion by a note that Diana, as portrayed in Aradiais worshipped by outlaws, and Laverna was the Roman goddess of thievery.

Magliocco dell that Aradia “may represent a 19th-century version of [the legend of the Cult of Herodias] that incorporated later materials influenced by medieval diabolism: The rest of the material comes from Leland’s research on Italian folklore and vanfelo, including other related material from Maddalena.

Leland riferisce di averlo ricevuto dalla sua principale fonte di informazioni sulle tradizioni della stregoneria italiana, una donna che lo scrittore chiama Maddalena. Estratto da ” https: On New Years day, she handed over to him a document in her own handwriting, the Vangelwhich is the core of this book.

Charles Godfrey Leland era uno scrittore e studioso del folklore statunitense e trascorse vari anni a Firenze compiendo studi e ricerche sul folklore italiano. Copertina della prima edizione del Author Raven Grimassi has written extensively about Aradia in his popularization of Stregheriapresenting what he admits is his own personal rendering of her story.


The Norwegian classical composer Martin Romberg wrote a Mass for mixed choir in seven parts after a selection of poems from Leland’s text. The central figure of that religion is the goddess Aradiawho came to Earth to teach the practice of witchcraft to peasants in order for them to oppose their feudal oppressors and the Roman Catholic Church.

Aradia o il vangelo delle streghe

The text streghw corroborates the thesis of Margaret Murray that early modern and Renaissance witchcraft represented a survival of ancient pagan beliefs, and after Gerald Gardner ‘s claim to have encountered religious witchcraft in 20th-century England, [26] the works of Michelet, Murray, and Leland helped support at least the possibility that such a survival could exist.

According to folklorist Roma Listera contemporary and friend of Leland’s, Maddalena’s aradis name was Margherita, and she was a ” witch ” from Florence who claimed a family lineage from the Etruscans and knowledge of ancient rituals.

Diana dimostra la potenza delle sue arti magiche creando ” i cieli, le stelle e la pioggia ” e diventando la ” Regina delle Streghe “. Leland fu colpito da questa cosmogonia: Aradia, or the Gospel of the Witches is a book composed by the American folklorist Charles Godfrey Leland that was published in They adored forbidden deities and practised forbidden deeds, inspired as much by rebellion against Society as by their own passions.

In the 20th century, the book was very influential in the development of the contemporary Pagan religion of Wicca. Some of it is Leland’s translation into English of an original Italian manuscriptthe Xtreghe gospel.

Triumph of the Moon. Historian Ruth Martin states that it was a common practice for witches of Italy to be “naked with their hair loose around their shoulders” while reciting conjurations. In several places Leland provides the Italian he was translating.

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Aradia o il vangelo delle streghe : Leland Charles Godfrey :

Diana sends her daughter Aradia to them to teach these former serfs witchcraft, the power of which they can use to “destroy the evil race of oppressors “. By streghw this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Aradia is composed of fifteen chapters, the first ten of which are presented as being Vange,o translation of the Vangelo manuscript given to him by Maddalena. Secondo lo studioso del folklore Roma Listercontemporaneo e amico di Leland, il vero nome di Maddalena era Margherita Taleni o Zaleni, e si trattava di una ” strega ” fiorentina che sosteneva di essere di discendenza etrusca e di conoscere gli antichi rituali.

Leland had been informed of the Vangelo ‘ s existence in edlla, but it took Maddalena eleven years to provide him with a copy. A History of Witchcraft: The Origin of Aradia”. Views Read Edit View history.

Aradia, Gospel of the Witches Index

Diana demonstrates the power of her witchcraft by creating “the heavens, the stars and the rain”, becoming “Queen of the Witches”. Medievalist Robert Mathiesen contends that the Vangelo manuscript actually represents even less of Aradiaarguing that only Chapters I, II, and the first half of Chapter IV match Leland’s description of the vangleo contents, and suggests that the other material came from different texts collected by Leland through Maddalena.

Dopo aver tradotto e sistemato il materiale occorsero vangeoo due anni per la sua pubblicazione.